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CLASSY: UK Media Slander Russia's Royal Family on the 100th Anniversary of Their Murder

The Daily Mail has stooped to spitting on the graves of beloved Christian Saints, publishing slanderous lies about Tsar Nicholas II and his family. Some people have no shame.

This article originally appeared on a new site about the Christian renaissance in Russia, called Russian Faith. Their introductory video is at end of this article.

Editor's Note: When it comes to spreading malicious lies about Russia and especially their hated rivals, the Russian Monarchy, the British Media, for centuries dominated by Jewish interests, and in close cahoots with British Intelligence, have no rivals.

Much of the lies believed by many in Europe and the US are thanks to this incredible slander machine.

This article from Russian Faith hits the nail on the head. The article in question is just par for the course for the Russia-hating British Deep State.

This week is the anniversary of the outrageous murder of the Tsars family. We will be publishing articles all week correcting the false history so widely believed in the West. You can find them all in our Truth About the Last Tsar section.

The propaganda specialists over at The Daily Mail have apparently been working overtime. Here on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the murder of Russia's last Royal Family, The Daily Mail has published a cynical, demonic piece of trash, slandering Tsar Nicholas II and his family.

With no respect for the dead, and with even less respect for this family of Christian Saints, they have scraped up all the lies they could find about this good family, and they have collected them into one location, so that anyone seeking disinformation and delusion can achieve their goal by clicking on a single website.

From the myth of Nicholas II being a "Weak Tsar", to the lies about the royal family being manipulated by Rasputin, they have pulled almost every trick in the book. (Of course, we probably shouldn't be surprised, since it was the British who attacked Rasputin in the first place, over 100 years ago.) Perhaps they believe all their readers are ignorant of history.

For those who are regular readers of Russian Faith, the lies coming from the British media are immediately apparent. Long before The Daily Mail released this piece of journalistic garbage, we already had been careful to set the record straight regarding Tsar Nicholas II and his family. And we have done our best to proclaim the truth far and wide.

Here is a sample list of myths that have already been debunked:

And if that isn't enough, we have also published many articles focusing on more positive aspects of the royal family, making it clear that they were good Christian people who set a good example in many ways:

As my dad used to say,

"A Lie goes around the world seven times, while Truth is still putting it's boots on."

As you can see in the above articles, Truth has finally gotten its boots on. Now we know what actually happened. So there is no excuse for perpetuating the tired old lies being repeated by The Daily Mail. It is high time for us to stomp on these slanderous propaganda pieces, and to toss them in the trash where they belong. 

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A video introducing Russian Faith

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