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Brilliant YouTuber Lampoons Censorship of Jewish Influence - Must-See Viral Video (Full Transcript)

This remarkable video is making a huge impact. If you think Ilhan Omar has nothing to apologize for and you want to help break the "Jew Taboo", then get people to watch it.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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With all the Bruhaha around the admirable Ilhan Omar and her refusal to be cowed by Jewish elites, this video could not be more topical.

YouTube is literally awash in videos discussing the Jewish Question, many of which are quickly banned by YouTube's J-Left censors, only to pop up again on new accounts like so many forest mushrooms, a fact which itself speaks volumes about changing public attitudes.

This one, from YouTuber 'Alternative Hyphothesis' might be the best one we've seen yet, because he creates an ingenious and humorous defense mechanism against censorship, which criticizes and highlights that very censorship.

This is precisely the kind of fair, reasonable criticism that is needed on this issue, free of hate or demonizing, (this one is done with a sense of humor), just addressing some very troubling facts that we as a society are going to have to face sooner or later. This is what I called for in my January 2018 article, It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo, which has been viewed half a million times, and been translated into 4 languages by fans - French, Russian, Spanish, and Polish.

He uploaded the 20 minute video at the end of April 2018, and since then it has, according to YouTube, gotten 105,000 views, 2300 comments, and 6800 up votes, a ratio of 10:1 over down votes, if you believe YouTube's statistics, which you shouldn't. I am quite sure the views are at least 5X higher, but more on that below.

The video, jam-packed with facts and stats covers key criticisms of Jewish influence, listed below. The ingenious part however, is that the author, instead of lamenting the situation in a negative way, states from the outset, and continues through the whole video, to praise the Jews as a being simply 'ahead of their time', very 'forward thinking' and a 'wonderful people', whom the author 'loves', exhorting viewers not to engage in 'antisemitic remarks'.

The technique works brilliantly - watch the video and you'll see what I mean. A full transcript of it follows below.

The topics covered are:

  • History of Jewish expulsions from many different countries.

  • Anti-white attitudes of American Jews as revealed in polling.

  • Extreme over-representation of Jews in American elite professions and among students in elite universities.

  • The divergence of political views of American elites (which are heavily Jewish), with the views of average Americans, especially on social issues, again based on authoritative polling.

  • Hypocritical stand of Jews, again from polls, on 3rd world immigration - 'not for me (Israel), but yes for thee (the West).

  • Finally, he points out that many of the ills of modern America can be traced to Jewish dominance and influence - corrupt campaign finance, corrupt financial system, dishonest media, failing higher education, an overly litigious and legalistic society, liberal opinions on sex, morals, etc. - for all of these sectors are heavily dominated by Jews.

He then closes by saying that one shouldn't discuss any of this, because it is de facto criticism of Jews, which is de facto anti-semitism (in the sense of hating on Jews) something he stands resolutely against in every way.

This is a great example of foiling the censor. It is reminiscent of the best satire of the USSR and Tsarist days, when Russian wits poked fun at the censors, and managed to get a lot of things past them by skill and ingenuity, meant to be read 'between the lines'.

Considering how well the video is made, and what a hot topic it addresses, I seriously doubt YouTube is telling the truth about the number of views. Given how large the global nationalist audience is (10s of millions), and how widely this video has been shared and discussed, the 105,000 number is obviously dramatically under-stated. Evidence of its popularity is that it has even been subtitled into Polish and French. You can also bet your bottom dollar that YouTube is using every algorithm in its arsenal to keep it from spreading.

This is, after all, YouTube, who retained the SPLC to help them flag undesirable content. The SPLC featured Russia Insider in the 'Hatewatch' section of their website (since taken down).

This video is generating such an enthusiastic response from viewers, that one wrote in to us, offering to provide a transcript of it, complete with screenshots from the video, which follows below. As far as we know, this is the only place on the internet where you will find it.

It is a little bit rough, as it seems to have been generated from YouTube's automatic subtitles, but it gets the job done.

I can't recommend this video enough. It should be required watching for every American, in fact for every citizen of every country in the world. It's a good one to get people to watch if they are new to these ideas. It is lively, entertaining, humorous, compelling, and fast moving.

Please support this video creator on Patreon, I did.


YouTube description:

A video celebrating the courageous and forward-thinking people we call "The Jews". Also, telling you all to COOL IT with the anti-semitic remarks.

This video is going to be a celebration of the Jews. So who are the Jews as we know them today?

Well, they are a group that always caused quite a stir wherever they go.

They arrived in Europe sometime before 600 AD, but by 629 AD King Dagobert of France expelled all the Jews from France. Jews were expelled from England in 1290, Austria in 1298, France again in 1394, in several German states in the 1400's, Spain in 1492, Naples in 1493, Portugal in 1496, Bavaria in 1551, and the Papal States excluding Rome in 1569.

By then most Jews had moved into Eastern Europe, especially the Russian Empire and particularly Poland, which eventually became part of the Russian Empire.

Then by the late 1800's you started having pogroms in the Russian Empire and by the 1940's the Nazis did, of course, what they did to the Jews in the 1940's, and in 1942 the Jewish population of the Middle East dwindled as they fled Muslim persecution.

According to Wikipedia this time period of Jews leaving the Middle East also happens to correspond to when these countries were being released from Britain and France.

So as soon as these Muslim countries were released they expressed views of Jews similar to those the Eastern Europeans and Germans did 20 years prior. 

In Algeria for example there were over 100,000 Jews there at the time of Algerian independence in 1962, but by 1990 there were only around 70, and today that number is virtually zero, there are virtually no Jews in Algeria.

And there are plenty of sites that go into far more detail on this stuff pointing out all the expulsion from all these little city-states and principalities, and there's even some scuttlebutt today about anti-jewish attitudes in China.


And there's all sorts of little things like Jewish sect expelled from Guatemalan village after clashes with Mayan villagers and of course there's no way to document every single little event like this, but it raises the question why is anti-Jewish sentiment so common that it has its own word "antisemitism"?

Disliking some other race or ethnicity is just called "racial animosity" or "religious animosity". Anti-Black sentiment isn't called "anti Bantu-ism" or something.

Well, I think it comes from Jews being a very forward-thinking people, a people "ahead of their time", or of any time for that matter.

Let's take affirmative action for example from a 2009 Quinnipiac poll on whether non-whites should be given racial preferences. The general public opposed such policies by nineteen points, but the farsighted Jews still support such policies by a margin of four points.


When asked if affirmative action policies were worth pursuing even if they "resulted in fewer opportunities for whites" the general public said "no" by a margin of 30 points, so that framing as being "harmful to whites" caused the general public to be even more opposed to affirmative action than before.

But not so with Jews, when framed as being harmful to whites Jews go from supporting of affirmative action by four points to supporting it by nine points (overall). Being harmful to whites increases their support for it, showing that Jews truly have the courage of their convictions and much of the world just isn't ready for that courage

In contrast blacks go from supporting affirmative action 78 to 14 to only supporting it 48 to 40 when it's framed as being harmful to whites, so blacks become less supportive of affirmative action when it's framed as being harmful to whites whereas Jews become more supportive of it. 

The poll also asked participants whether they favor an affirmative action in hiring promotions and college admissions for three groups: blacks, Hispanics, and white women. 

The general public opposed this by a margin of 28 points in the case of blacks, 30 points for white women, and 35 points for Hispanics. Jews favored such policies by a margin of 7 points for Hispanics, 13 points for blacks, but opposed it by a margin of 8 points for white women. 

Now this may seem inappropriate given that white women have lower median incomes than black men and are very close to those of black women.

But you must understand that Jews as a group, and I'm generalizing here, are very sophisticated thinkers who understand something called "white privilege", and Jews were very important in creating this doctrine of white privilege and once you understand what looks to the untrained eye like "anti-white racist contradictions" on the parts of Jews, it actually begin to make more sense.

Having these views may come from Jews just being so well educated. In an article by Ron Unz who is Jewish, in the American Conservative, he wrote about how Jews are certainly over-represented at elite universities, but more importantly they're over-represented all out of proportion of the various proxies for merit that they have. 

What's compelling to know is that in several Ivy League universities there are straight-up more Jews than non-Jewish whites and from 2007 to 2011 non-Jewish whites were a simple minority of Ivy League graduates. So Unz came up with the criteria for classifying high ability students and using this criteria. 

He found that Jews are over represented by a factor of 3.5 relative to their proportion of high ability students while non-Jewish whites were only 33%, a third of what they should be at the Ivy Leagues. Jews have less over-representation at places like MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Berkeley, and UCLA.

But even there they are still over-represented relative to their proportion of high ability students. Also according to Unz, in proportion to the college-age population, whites are straight up less represented at elite universities than blacks and Hispanics. Now this isn't controlling for high merit applicants because, as Unz points out, the number of black and Hispanic high merit students is virtually zero.

So there's no point in comparing black and white representation relative to merit because black merit is zero. And so you would just be dividing by zero and find that while the correct number of blacks at these elite Institutions is zero, and so blacks are infinitely over-represented relative to their merit, same with Hispanics.

All of this is to say that Jews are very, very well educated and so these people, the Jews, are in an excellent position to tell these non-Jewish whites just how privileged they are, and there's a very good chance that Jews made this happen.

This study analyzed authors who were recently published in the top 20 academic journals in America and found that Jews accounted for 50% of all intellectuals, 56 percent of social scientists and 61% of humanities scholars in the top 20 journals.

Also Zuckerman looked at the percentages of University faculty that were Jewish and found that they were 36% of law, 34% of sociology, 28% of economics, 26% of physics, 24% of political science, 22% of history, 20% of philosophy,and 20% of mathematics. This has also been true historically with Jews being vastly over-represented in academia in Europe in the past.

Add to this their over representation in media:

Not just today, but throughout all of history wherever there were a large number of Jews and we can see that the Jews can really "drive a narrative".

This study looked at five analyses of Jewish representation in media elites and found massive Jewish control of media, and nearly half of what is called the new establishment, meaning the media. In the book The Media Elite: America's New Power Brokers Robert Lictor reports on a representative survey of 238 journalists from America's top news organizations and found that 59% of them were Jewish.

A 1990 list of the top ten entertainment companies found that eight of their CEO's were Jewish: Time Warner, paramount, CBS, FOX, Columbia Pictures, Viacom, ABC and MCA incorporated. 

So let's not be bashful about it, Jews kind of run the media, or at least half of it and to be anti media is, well, to a degree to be anti-Jewish, so COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks, mister!

Limbaugh same with you, and Hannity always talking about the "dishonest media". When you point out all the stuff that the "drive-by media" says did you even once consider that this was the liberal media?

You keep going on about what is mostly Jewish. The media as a whole might be around half Jewish as however you define it. The liberal proportion of this media might be something like three-quarters Jewish but there's more than just that.

From the paper The Jewish Vote - Political Power and Identity in US Elections Gil Troy found that in the 2016 election of the top 50 political donors, 40% of them were Jewish. Jews made up 25% of Republican mega donors and 79% of Democrat mega donors.

A paper from Lerner and a guy named Rothman looked at the views of what they called elites versus those of the regular public, and of Jews versus non-Jewish elites.

"Elites" were defined as quote high-ranking military officers, corporate business leaders, corporate law partners and major law firms, upper level federal servants, journalists working for the news media, primetime television producers, directors and writers, major motion picture writers and directors, and leaders of the public interest.

And what is noteworthy is that the non-Jewish elite was moderately conservative in 1980, even the (non-elite) Jewish public voted for Reagan.

But not the Jewish elite. Instead of having an elite in the United States with views largely in sync with that of the American public, because Jews represent about 1/3 of the elite as defined here, we end up with an elite that is ideologically opposed to the general American public and of course, this is good because it has allowed for a Jewish agenda to be pushed where we get women out of the home and out of having families, and getting women working, becoming worker bees and worker units not having kids.

We have more people suddenly becoming transsexual. We have a much wider range of biodiversity in the area of STDs thanks to these changes, and we have a larger proportion of net fiscal takers that we imported thanks to the 1965 Immigration Act.

After all, money is meant to be spent, diversity is the spice of life, and you only live once, and all that.

Perhaps this adoration of diversity is why in a 2012 poll Jews had a higher rating for Muslims than for the Christian Right, rating Muslims at 41.4 and the Christian Right at 20.9. In addition a Pew survey of white Evangelicals rated Jews at 69, the highest rating that white Evangelicals gave to any group other than themselves.

But the Jews, the Jews were not fooled by this flattery. The Jews rated evangelical Christians at 30, the lowest of any religious group. Even lower than Muslims and again perhaps, it's because Jews are such "deep thinkers", deep, deep thinkers, that they're able to have such dislike towards Whites who are very favorable to them.

And it's because of this that they got kicked out of so many European countries in the past. As I said, Jews appear to be ahead of their time, all the time, with very sophisticated reasoning that just looks like "traitorous hypocrisy" to the untrained eye.

But you wouldn't know because you haven't been educated to the degree that they have. 

This "apparent contradiction" exists even among Jews in Israel. The Jews in Israel opposed by a sixty-nine point margin taking Syrian refugees into Israel.

But they support by a margin of eight points European countries taking in Syrian refugees. 

To the untrained eye it may seem that Israeli Jews think they're "God's gift to the world", and won't "sully themselves" with Syrian mass immigration, so go ahead and dump them on the white people's homeland.

That's the dumping ground, my home is precious and sacred, so let's dump this chaff off into your home, that's what it seems like, until you understand the deep and complex situation of Israel, it's really deep and complex and just precious.

Precious people, the most precious, the chosen people, in fact.

The majority of Israeli Jews straight-up support expelling Arabs. Consider this statement from the Democracy Institute Peace Index: "fifty two percent of Jewish Israelis identify with a statement of MK Miri Regev last month that African migrants are a Cancer in the body of the nation and over 1/3 condone anti-migrant violence" according to the Israeli Democracy Institute. 

Now such sentiments if uttered by a white person in the United States would be considered fringe, radical, marginal, "hate speech", and such a person wouldn't even have friends in the "alt right".

But about a third of Israeli Jews support outright violence against the blacks in Israel. Where are the alarm bells on that?

And if white people came up with a religion that said that they were "God's chosen people" and called it something like oh, I don't know "Christian identity", they would immediately be considered a racist hate group, but that's what Jews in Israel literally are. 

Or Farrakhan does this with the Nation of Islam - says that his people are "God's chosen people", his ethnic group are "God's chosen people".

That's a "hate group", but Judaism is not.

But see, we're talking about Israel. Israel is a special case. Israel is exceptional.

Listen to Dennis Prager tell you about Judeo-Christian values, and why the surge is going to fix things in Iraq all right.

Jews have this knack they have this really good knack of threading the needle between tradition and cosmopolitanism. 

Wonderful people, wonderful people. 

I love them. 

I guess I should wrap this up by guarding against antisemitic remarks. A lot of people hate political party establishments because they're overwhelmingly beholden to the donors, and that's as good as far as it goes.

But the donors happen to be overwhelmingly Jewish is in the Democrat Party, especially.

So when you're against the party establishment and asking why the party establishment seems to be doing things at odds with the base - you need to COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks, because that is largely a reflection of the Jewish influence on the party, which makes the party deviate from what the people want, and by pointing that out, you're pointing out the effects of Jewish influence, and you're being very antisemitic in doing that.

So so please COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks there don't say that stuff anymore, and I didn't really get into that much here, but Jews are also overwhelmingly over-represented in banking and finance, or finance insurance and real estate, or the financial sector. So if you really think "greedy bankers" were engaging in a "pyramid scam" with the subprime lending crisis for example?

Well, that's fine as far as it goes, but you really need to COOL IT because that's by extension an antisemitic remark, because of the overwhelming influence of Jews in the financial sector.

If you're anti media, and you think the media is crap and the institutional media is a "bunch of liars"? 

Well the institutional media is where Jews have the most inordinate influence where you can comfortably say that they are a straight-up majority controller of institutional media, so if you're tempted to say something about a "lying press" or the "drive-by media" well COOL IT Ok?, COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks.

And if you're opposed to a country having a genetic standard of citizenship, or against a country revoking citizenship based on race and deporting second and third-generation Blacks to random locations in Africa, COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks. Why are you so anti-Israel?

If you're against a 20-foot high concrete border wall, well excuse me - Why are you so anti-Israel?

If you say that academics, especially the social sciences, are hackery and fraud, and having philosophy and sociology on the same campus as astrophysics and chemical engineering gives the humanities a legitimacy they don't deserve? Okay, you need to COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks!

Those soft sciences and humanities that's where Jews like to go, so stop saying that Jews are "academic frauds" by extension, or saying that the fields they go into are "dubious" or "not rigorous" or "not objective or even kind of difficult" or that they're they're "not really that meritorious of applicants in the first place" that they got in because of Jewish connections and then they went into easy pseudo academic fields where they can pontificate on their politics instead of having to do real work all day. 

That's what you're saying when you're saying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is better than the humanities.

And lastly if you're one of those people who say that the courts are out of control or that the courts have gone rogue or that the United States has become so litigious that it's impossible to do anything well? Then you really need to COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks there, Bucko, as Jews make up 38% of the Supreme Court judges, 36% of law faculty, and in all likelihood a similar proportion of lawyers so by having negative views of lawyers and negative views of the courts in the United States filing injunctions against anything Trump wants to do for example, you are having negative views against that which is quintessentially Jewish so to wrap it up.

Are you against mainstream political party leadership? COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks. 

Are you against institutional media and think they're liars? COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks.

Are you against the financial sector finance insurance and real estate and think they're full of scammers in bed with the government and create pyramid schemes that make them rich, which then result in recessions for the rest of us? COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks.

Do you regret the notion that soft sciences and humanities are even on the same campus as STEM and think that lends false legitimacy to non-STEM pseudo-intellectuals? COOL IT with the antisemitic remarks.

And what's amazing about all this is that I finally have data, thanks to Shawn, that meshes very well with a lot of what else I've been saying that everything is ethnic, and that what I would call "shitlib" opinions, well guess what? -  those are Jewish opinions.

And now I can finally say with confidence that the shitlib opinions on trannies or even on gays or on interracial marriage, that that wouldn't exist if not for Jews. 

Whether or not these are good things is another debate. You obviously know what I think on that, but there was a phrase I heard from this guy, black acid lizard, a long time and he would say to "shitlibs": "your mind has been Jewed", and when he would say that I'd be like "ooh that's pretty rough there buddy", "That's kind of going in going in rough and raw", saying your mind has been "Jewed".

Where's the lie even if they're not the majority of power everywhere?

They are the driving force behind open borders, mixed marriages, the destruction of family unit, and women having careers instead of babies, and if you think these things are good, well then yay Jews.

But the hell of it is is that you would almost certainly not think that any of this was good if not for Jewish media, right?, the Jewish media, which I believe we can now say is a real thing.

We can now say Jewish media, and that's accurate, that's not conspiracy stuff and Jewish social "science" causing you to adopt these Jewish values, and obviously these are wonderful fantastic things so let's just say it loud and proud that Jews are on the cutting edge of all that stuff.

Jews are ahead of their time doing all this stuff, and Jews are absolutely wonderful.

They're just fantastic people.

Fantastic people, high-IQ, doing just wonderful stuff, really showing us the way, really showing us how to live better than we would without them.



That was a spicy one! and I plan on this being the only video on Jews I make, as videos on this topic in particular tend to get taken down, though as you can see I am very pro-Jewish so I should be fine.

If you like this video, I would recommend some other videos in the frames. And if you're feeling generous you can donate on Patreon or Maker Support. With Patreon you can donate on a per-video basis versus a monthly basis on Maker Support.

Thanks for watching, and I'll have a new video on the myth of prejudice coming out soon.

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