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Here's how Russia and China Work as a Diplomatic Tag Team Around the World

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

In a clear pattern, China and Russia are cooperating in leveraging their influence around the world, at the expense of the US, which appears to be over-extended, and making one strategic mistake after another.

In this dynamic duo, China presents itself as the gateway to economic prosperity, and Russia, the military power balancer against an over-bearing US.

Its one of the most important trends visible in geo-politics: real movement to multi-polarity.

Africa:  China strongly desires economic integration with Africa, because it sees it as a vital supply of natural resources to supply her economic juggernaught.  Enter Russia, which has excellent diplomatic relations in Africa, going back to the cold war.

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Middle East:  Russia supplies the guns, and China the butter.  The US has been caught off balance against this combination.

Latin America:  China has massive economic interests in Latin America, and Russia, political appeal, due to its willingness to butt heads with the US.  Together, they are gaining market share and political clout at the expense of the US.

Central Asia:  With its extensive economic interests in Uzbekistan, China can influence it to follow Russia's interests in its territorial dispute with Tajikistan.

Europe:  In the Ukraine crisis, China has been steadfast in its support for Russia.  China is also championing new shipping routes to Europe, via big infrastructure investments into rail links which run largely through Russia, and a shipping route along Russia's arctic coast, which has recently become viable due to global warming.  This forces de facto economic integration between Russia and the EU.

Asia:  Russia helps out with India and Vietnam, using its good relations to ease their tensions with China.  Russia can also help with Japan, which is interested in finding a strong regional ally to help with its highly contentious relations with China.

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Excerpted from an in-depth article which recently appeared in The Oriental Review.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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