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Here's the Demographic Data on Americans Who Believe the 'Russian Bounties' Baloney - It's Depressing

Fool us 4,034 times, shame on us:

There are intelligence reports! Those reports contain information from US intelligence agents! That information has been confirmed by Afghan officials!

The Taliban and the Kremlin deny it all, but of course they would. They want us to cut and run, after all, and what better way to do that than to scandalously and saliently bribe militants who’ve been shooting at US troops for the last twenty years to continue shooting at US troops as they’ve done for the last twenty years? Check mate, losers, your plan failed–we’re not going anywhere! We’ll keep the Afghanistan operation going for another two decades so we can funnel trillions more to the military-industrial complex and continue the pincer against the existential threat that wants to wipe Isr-, er, America off the map because of our freedoms.

Sorry Donald, we’re not letting a Putin puppet extract us from the longest conflict in our history at the behest of an American public that elected him to bring the troops home. After that hoodwinking, or gaslighting, or whatever you want to call it, they don’t even want us to leave anymore. Just look at those survey results!

Parenthetically, 40% of respondents answered “not sure” and were excluded from the preceding graph. Perhaps they are cynically disengaged, not inclined to trust agencies where lying to the citizenry is par for the course. If that mattered, maybe it would be something to celebrate. It doesn’t matter, though. The empire isn’t leaving Afghanistan until it collapses–the empire, that is.

Source: Unz Review
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