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Heavy Gunfire Across Syria: Pro-Government Syrians Celebrating the Turkey Coup

Whether the coup fails or succeeds it has already brought much joy to war hit Syrians


DAMASCUS, July 15 (Xinhua) -- Celebratory gunshots echoed in several districts in the capital Damascus on Friday evening following the news of a military coup in Turkey.

Heavy gunfire reverberated across districts of Damascus from military checkpoints, in what appeared to be a celebration for the military coup that took place in Turkey later on Friday evening.

Not only gunshots, some people took to the highway of the Mazzeh district in Damascus, celebrating the coup news.



It's festive indee. Reuters:

A resident in the government-held part of the northern city of Aleppo said people believed that “Erdogan’s fall is an announcement of the end of the crisis in Syria, given he is the one chiefly responsible for the crisis.”

Another Aleppo resident said people were chanting for Erdogan to be held to account.

A witness in the Jaramana district of Damascus said the celebratory gunfire there was greater even than when Assad won re-election as president two years ago.

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