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Head of RT Explains to Sad Old Person How Deluded CBS Is - 60 Minutes Segment (Video)

Mainstream media embarrasses itself once again, showing the whole world how weird and clueless they are ...

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Russians have figured out that the best way to make the West look bad is to just report on what they say and do.

Russian TV News even did a segment about it.

Poor Lesley Stahl, what a pathetic way to end a career, churning out another batch of lies about Russia

Margarita Simonyan recently appeared on Sixty Minutes to respond to the same old rhetoric spouted by Western fake news.  

She's heavy into plastic surgery
She's not

The following clip taken from Russian news with transcript below, details the interview as well as the public's response to Margarita Simonyan taking Lesley Stahl to the woodshed.

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Here's the full clip from 60 Minutes: (Warning! - nausea alert)



Social media users supported Margarita Simonyan, RT editor-in-chief, after her interview with CBS.

Yulia Shustraya will tell about what Simonyan told in her interview and how the community reacted to it.


New "evidence" a year later and new attempts to accuse Russia of the intrusion into the elections. This time the allegations are outlined in an interview.

Margarita Simonyan:

"British media backed Hillary Clinton, and there were no problems or resentment about that. French media backed Clinton, but silence was the response. Some Russian media supported Trump, oh my God!"

Lesley Stahl:

"Did RT support Trump?"

Margarita Simonyan:

"RT didn't, but our fault seems to be that we didn't support Hillary either."


Margarita's answers to her colleagues questions are firm. On the contrary, Lesley Stahl failed to answer Simonyan's question. The RT editor-in-chief asks if all the US channels in Russia should be closed as a response to the sanctions against her channel. The question is followed by a hard cut, which made waves online.

Janice Tittel:

“Is anyone listening? I think she's brilliant! Listen to what they say. Please, Lesley, she answered your questions. I always respected your reporting but why did you attack Simonyan?”

Kevin McKiley:

“The same things you accuse RT of are the exact things mainstream US media are doing to Trump. I'm no Russian fan but don't be a hypocrite CBS!”


All the questions deal with the favourite, sometimes even hackneyed subjects. Russian interference in the elections, Crimea, and, of course, the information war. Simonyan is even being ironic sometimes.

Margarita Simonyan:

“I don't know about the information war, anyway, we have nothing to do with the army. I wave no war, I have 2 children, I've been working as a journalist since 18.”


Lesley Stahl seems not to notice the irony, but at the beginning of the program she admits that Margarita is the woman who is to be considered in every way.

The Internet users agree. They appreciated Simonyan's answers more than her US counterpart's questions.


“60 Minutes didn't look too smart asking such stupid questions.”

Larry Kilburry:

“Margarita kicked your butts and spanked your behinds. LOL. Please repeat the interview.”


Although Margarita herself is described as enraged or furious, doesn't look like this. She's again being ironic about the bias of the interview.

Margarita Simonyan:

"Right now, if we open the website of any US media, funded by the US government, we'll see that it's written there that not only the Russian democracy is evil, but also Russia, Russian authorities are evil, and Russians in general are evil."


During the interview, the host is looking at her Russian counterpart in such a way as if she were surprised and puzzled. But with all the program's negative presentation, it admits that RT and Margarita Simonyan personally are powerful.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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