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Head-Chopping Saudi Despots Worried About Human Life in Syria

But no word about the untold thousands killed so far in the war they have been supporting before Russia got involved

This article originally appeared in German Economic News. Translated by Boris Jaruselski for Russia Insider.

The US' most important ally, Saudi Arabia, is highly nervous because of Russia intervention in Syria: Saudi Arabia called on Russia to stop the air strikes immediately.

The government in Riyadh is very concerned over the recent military operations around the towns of Homs and Hama, the Saudi Arabian ambassador Abdalla Al-Muallimi told on Wednesday to the United Nations. The attacks have hit areas, where the extremist militia Islamic State  is not even present. According to the Saudi state television, the diplomate said further, that numerous innocent civilians were harmed during the operations. “We are demanding that the strikes be immediately stopped and not be resumed again.”

The diplomat did not provide any evidence for his statement. NATO has attempted to utilize western media to discredit Russia, as early as Wednesday evening. Russia in response, published a video which is documenting the attacks on IS. Not even in this video is it possible to ascertain if the footage is showing the reality as postulated.

The confirmation of the Russian information's correctness, is the stance of Israel: Jerusalem is being kept in the loop by Moscow. It is telling that the Israeli media is publishing only very small reports of the Syrian air attacks. The dominant news, is the statement by the Palestinian leader, about the cancellation of the Oslo Accord.

The Saudis are on a back-room deal spree: they don't want to loose the Americans as an ally, since the US, as still the largest economic power, appeals more then Russia. But the Russian president has made overt moves over the last few month. Moscow's and Riyadh's interests can be brought closer in the current raw materials crisis: both countries are dependent on crude exports and as time goes by, can form a interest base coalition.

The Saudis have yet another interest: supported by the US, they are carrying on an internationally illegal war against Yemen. This week, the UN served Saudi Arabia the certification for this. The Saudis fear, that the reordering of the Middle East at the hands of Russia, may involve their withdrawal from Yemen.

China, which supports Russia's intervention in Syria, demanded a political solution for Syria on Thursday.

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