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Have 4 Babies, Pay No Income Tax FOR LIFE! - Hungarian PM Viktor Orban

“It is about our future. It means if we will last as Hungarians, as Hungary or cease to exist. Many Western states, choose [migration] as a solution, in Hungary, we think that that should not be a solution for the demographic challenges." - Katalina Novak, Hungary’s state secretary for families

Thanks to low female fertility rates caused by a toxic mix of Leftist feminism and vile neoliberal economics, Whites and European civilisation are on death row. Few countries are doing anything to address this crisis, which is literally a bigger threat to their continued existence than, say, WWII or a giant meteor crashing into the Earth. 

The Prime Minister en famille

One country that now is doing something is Viktor Orban's Hungary, where the government is offering powerful incentives and tax breaks for people to get married and have kids -- something every White or European country should be doing.

A recent article by "learn to code" media outlet Vice presents some of the detail:

CSOK, which launched in 2016, is a prime example. Under the program, families who commit to having three children are given a government grant to buy or build a new house equivalent to up to twice the annual average income. Generous welfare payments make it viable for one parent to leave the workforce and stay at home with the children, while carefully targeted tax allowances mean that a family with three children no longer pays income tax at all. Finally, the expansion of free nurseries around the country allows women to re-enter the workforce without denting their income through childcare costs, in contrast to much of Western Europe.

“What we would like to do in Hungary is to give the freedom of choice, the opportunity to choose between staying a long time at home with the children, taking care of them, or going back to work,” Hungarian State Secretary for Families Katalina Novak told VICE News. “These are, I would say, the main pillars of our family support system.”

This blend of soft authoritarianism and benevolent paternalism may be an outlier in the European Union, but in Hungary it has deep roots. In its thousand-year history, Hungary has been a liberal democracy for less than 30 years. Under Communism, the atypically liberal concessions made to popular opinion by the country’s leadership — minimal censorship and political repression, free travel to the West, a restrained version of market capitalism — were termed “Goulash Communism,” as a marker of the country’s unique political settlement.

It is perhaps fair to say Hungary is now experimenting with “Goulash democracy,” where voters accede to Orban’s consolidation of power and are in turn sheltered from the storms of the free market capitalism by high living standards and generous state support. Like many socialist and social-democratic parties in Europe, Hungary’s previous government adhered to free market orthodoxies and paid a heavy price.

Yeh, "Ghoulash" whatever... Call it what you like future coder, but this is obvious common sense to anyone who hasn't been taught head-up-their-ass yoga by the Left. 
Katalina Novak, Hungary’s state secretary for families, even spelled it out for the dimwit Vice reporter, who still didn't get it:

“It is about our future. It means if we will last as Hungarians, as Hungary or cease to exist. Many Western states, let's say in the European Union, also choose [migration] — even if they don't say so, but they do choose it — as a solution for the problem of the labour market for the problem of the maintaining of the pension system… And in Hungary, we think that that should not be a solution for the demographic challenges."

This literally sounds like rocket science to your average Leftist dimwit, while to any sensible person it kinda sounds as obvious as "Eating poop is not a good idea" or "Don't stick a fork in an electric socket."

But while this policy is clearly good news, even better news is that Orban's sane and successful model is becoming the basis of a trans-European movement that could soon overthrow the corrupt and dysgenic old order of the Liberal Left and Neoliberal Right.

"As Europe’s liberal democracies contend with widespread popular dissatisfaction, and populist parties aligning with Orban’s “illiberal democracy” grow in strength, Hungary presents perhaps one possible picture of the continent’s political future: a semi-authoritarian interventionist state raising living standards and eroding the liberal consensus politicians once saw as the end of history...

In a September 2018 speech Orban outlined his political vision. “Calmly, and with restraint and composure, we must say that the generation of the ’90s is arriving to replace the generation of ’68,” he stated to adoring crowds. “In European politics, it is the turn of the anti-communist generation, which has Christian convictions and commitment to the nation. Thirty years ago we thought that Europe was our future. Today we believe that we are Europe’s future.”

Source: Trad News
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