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Hannity Does Victory Dance - Stomping on Every Square Inch of RussiaHoax (Video)

There is very little this publication can add to what is being said in the pro-Trump media in the US about RussiaGate, so we'll keep this short.

This latest blast from Hannity is the sign of something however - a political shift as RussiaGate does in fact begin to devour its inventors - ahh the delicious irony - yet another staple of Russian thought.

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This is very bullish for Trump - he should have the 'opposition' on the defensive for the coming months by just pointing out how pathetic these clowns are.

We have been predicting this outcome since the very beginning, because we saw immediately that it was political folly to build a strategy on a transparent lie.

Nor did it surprise us that the media went along with this lie - they have betrayed a stunning ability to dig their own graves over the last four years, and this is just another example. What amounts to a mental disorder really got going with the Ukraine crisis four years ago, and has been a terminal stage disease ever since.

We knew it was a lie from the very beginning, because, by now, we know these people so well, and it had all the hallmarks of their preceding lies - you could see the same dumb fantasies at work coming from the same sub-standard minds.

It is truly the end of an era.

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One last little gem: Nancy Pelosi becoming visibly unglued envisaging the political hurricane her party is sailing into:

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