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According to Russians Economic Situation in Country Neither Bad nor Good

52% believe Russia economic situation is mediocre, 72% describe their financial state as average, 50% are happy with their life - 7% more than last year

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Fifty percent of Russians are happy with their life, which is 7 percent more than a year ago (43percent), the Russian Public Opinion Study Center (VTsIOM) said.

Twenty percent are not happy (14 percent in 2014) and 28 percent have mixed feelings (42 percent in 2014), the center said, quoting a poll of 1,600 respondents in 132 populated areas on March 21-22.

Fifty-two percent of respondents assessed Russia's current economic condition as mediocre (60percent in January and 63 percent in March 2014). The number of positive opinions has grown: 18percent said that the economic situation was good or very good in March 2015 (vs. 8 percent in January and 15 percent a year ago). Negative opinions were expressed by 28 percentof the respondents (29 percent in January and 20 percent a year ago).

Forty-nine percent of the respondents said the political situation was mediocre (59 percent in January and 62 percent in March 2014). The opinion that the political situation was good or very good was expressed by 29 percent of Russians (19 percent in January and 23 percent a year ago) and 18percent argued that it was bad and very bad (18 percent in January and 11 percent a year ago).

In the opinion of 51 percent of Russians, the country is on the right track, 32 percent do not fully agree with this opinion, and 13 percent are strongly negative about it.

Most Russians (67 percent) assess the material position of their families as average (72 percent in March 2014), 14 percent claim their life is good (13 percent a year ago), and 18 percentsay their life is bad (15 percent).

Speaking of the future, 40 percent are not expecting their position to change a year from now, 35 percent are expecting a turn for the best, 14 percent say their life will worsen, and 11 percent are undecided.

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