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Great Exclusive Footage - Yellow Vests Gassed by Police on Champs Elysee (Russian TV News)

"Grenades are going off, one after another. Those are some powerful explosives."

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This really gives you a sense of what the French protesters are experiencing.

This clip follows a slow retreat from the French police as the heavily dressed journalist in full gas mask attire jolts and jumps from nearby exploding gas grenades.

In striking contrast to the journalist, there is no discernable fear visible on the Yellow Vest Frenchman who volunteers for an interview. He gives an interview without any protective headgear as he speaks without any panic, calmly answering questions and completely un-phased by the chaos and explosions around him.

These protestors are hardcore.

Transcript below:


The police are waving their batons at us. Bottles are flying over our heads. Grenades keep going off to our left. All kinds of stuff are flying through the air. They're forcing the protestors back. We should speed up if we don't want to get hurt. The police are trying to disperse the protesters on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

- Would you like an interview?

– I speak Russian.

– What's going on here?

- I heard some explosions. Emmanuel Macron's police are attacking us. They don't want to give us what we want. What is it that you want? We have made our demands clear. We want Macron to abolish all of the new taxes that he introduced.

– New taxes?

– Yes, I'm talking about the tax on gasoline. These people don't know how to survive anymore. They can't afford to spend an extra 50 euros on gasoline every month. They can't get to work. This isn't a political movement. To them, it's a matter of survival. Nine million French people don't know how to survive anymore. All because of Macron. He promised to carry out many reforms, but he didn't. Now he's sending his people to attack us, civilians. See?

Grenades are going off, one after another. Those are some powerful explosives.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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