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Great Analysis of BLM's Specific Demands- Designed to Foment Chaos (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

From the FTN Website:

If we pause for a moment and consider what the Black Lives Matter movement is actually demanding, the demands themselves are conspicuously absent from any mainstream discussion. They have to be actively sought out in order to see them enumerated in any specific manner and one can immediately see why the public discourse centers around vague agitprop about destroying "white supremacy".

In this clip, Jazz and James highlight some of BLM's actual demands and why they're designed to be obscure, but also unattainable.

Transcript follows below: 

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Listen to this. So Bush addressed the nationwide protests in a solemn yet hopeful statement on Tuesday. This is from The Washington Post commending the Americans demonstrating against racial injustice. Okay. Racial injustice that does not exist. White supremacy that does not exist in criticizing those who try to silence them.

He closed his statement, pointing to, quote, a better way. There is a better way, the way of empathy and shared commitment and bold action and peace rooted in justice. I am confident that together Americans will choose the better way. He said, these anguished by the death of Jorge Floyd and earlier anguished anguish.

And he is he. He says that white Americans.

He says white Americans need to seek ways to support, listen and understand black Americans who face disturbing bigotry and exploitation. And so, OK, I will listen to anyone who where that is actually a thing, but it doesn't exist. So therefore, I don't have to listen. Case closed. All right. Some good w cause I'm not gonna listen. Aning and who remember when you face protests and black lashes. Black lashes. Exactly. I meant to say it is a black lash. Remember the white lash. This is a black lash for you being a racist for the Hurricane Katrina, like wrecking black communities like that rumor or the racist George Bush. Heck of a job, Brownie.

George Bush don't care about black people.

It's like get real funny. Was it just part of the dialectic? Just some. You went along with Dub's. It's like now that here he is again.

But this this is these people all believe that there is some racial injustice, that there is something horrible that happened, that we all have to shut up and listen. Shortly after Bush released a statement, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen, also, who has not been critical of Trump, ever decried Trump's response to the protest special.

Specifically, specifically, his desire to militarize it and use aggressive force. Mullen, like Bush, stressed that people need to understand what the root of these protests is and the persistent racism that African-Americans face. Well, first of all, people are starting to get Negro fatigue. This is something that happened before these polling results that we talked about in the beginning. The first half are going to be much harder and harder to manipulate because people get Negro fatigue. They get very tired of this happening.

And nothing, nothing, nothing really benefiting them in any way. And they want to go back with it, go on about their lives. And they can't because they're fucking cities are on fire. I guess it's more opportune that they do this while there are still somewhat social distancing and officers really aren't close and schools aren't open because people can see all this happening and then not be really directly affected by it unless it ends up in their neighborhood.

But I remember at the time that they don't really ever talk about what their demands are. Right. That's that's always like, well, what do these people want? OK, I'll listen. What what are you saying to me? And when you go read what they want. I don't know how any sane person could, because I think everybody, all these people who post the black square in the blackout Tuesday and all that shit, they they think, oh, I'm just going to dump the virtue signal and I'm going to do this to feel good and not have any other commitments to it. But if they actually sat down and read and understood the things that these people are demanding has nothing to do with race. Racism has nothing to do with white supremacy. They don't even mention it. Well, they sort of do, but they're instead their demands on Black Lives Matter Web site and in other places. But this is predominately where this comes from. This is what these people want. We believe that prisons, police and all other institutions that inflict violence on black people must be abolished. So no prisons, no police, no institutions, just nothing should be abolished and replaced by institutions that value and affirm the flourishing of black lives. We believe in transformation and a radical realignment of power. The current systems we live in inside of need. Is this just horrible black writing?

The current systems we live inside of need to be radically transformed, which includes a realignment of global power. Oh yeah. Blacks wrote this. Yeah. Blacks want a realignment of global power, right? Yeah. What they really want is somebody else wants a realignment of global power. We are creating a proactive movement based vision instead of a reactionary one. And then they say we're anticapitalist. It's like, oh, really?

Do you really think then say blacks don't want to be anticapitalism? Blacks love no love capitalism.

Yeah. Like black consumerism has been one of the biggest boons to black culture ever.

Yeah. You can you really. I don't know man. I can't see the black guys sitting down and condemning reaction like you say. Yeah. We're not reactionary and yeah. I'm not buying.

It's like yo I get to have the same shit as you do then. That's wack. I don't want that shit. It's like no they don't the same things but that's that's what this has been dressed up. And now the these demands have have, you know, gotten Gayed up over time. And by GetUp. I mean, really, getup.

This is under and the war on black bodies, an end to the war on black trends, queer and gender nonconforming people, including their addition to anti-discrimination, civil rights protections to ensure they have full access to employment, health, housing and education, like just literally everything like these.

See, that's the thing. This is not about equality.

This is not about being treated the same as you and me are in society and not in the second a make believe world where we all have the same rights because we know if we went out and did these things, we would be then 400 year prison sentence, probably electric chair. They bring the electric chair back just to handle the white people who go out and do what black people are doing today. They would bring back hanging.

They would bring back all those things. And in fact, wasn't it, Bill Barr, that that was working on bringing back the death penalty? And some of these cases? I don't remember the exact the precise joram of this, James.

Yeah. For for federal hate crime.

Yeah, that's right. Yeah, of course. Right. Yeah. Right. I knew. I knew I was right. But they they want an immediate end to criminalization and dehumanization of black youth across all areas of society, actually says black youth.

But our nation's justice and education systems, bubble level, blah. They don't want bail money. They don't want fines. They don't want court charges. It's like, oh, good end to capital punishment. They want to end the use of past criminal history to determine eligibility for housing, education licenses, voting loans, employment and other services, and an end to the war on black immigrants, including the repeal of the 1996 crime and immigration bills, an end to all deportations, immigrant detention, immigration, ICE raids and mandated legal representation in immigration court. Now, why the fuck would blacks care about this if there aren't Jews writing this on their behalf? Blacks are going to on their own. Black, trans, queer gender and. Oh, yeah, we got it. We got to shore up.

Those immigrants do like the same people competing for jobs against you. It's like, OK.

Yeah, no, you get you get a group of like 10, 20 blacks in a room that are interested in this kind of thing. Not in and not in the kind of Jewish academia type of way.

And it's going to be things like more money for programs, more money for four jobs, more money like shovel ready jobs and things like that. And yeah, like decriminalization of weed. It's not going to be an end to the war on black FAMM trends.

No, that's that's like at the very most of what you're going to get in, like the idea that that would even be implemented in a full, serious way. But the things that these people want. Like no. Like under no circumstances will they accept anything less is. They want all of their needs taken care of. Housing interests, everything. They want a they want a livable wage.

They don't say anything about jobs in here at all. It's just like I want to be paid by the government to exist. And I want I want free health care. I want free housing.

I want no police. I want. Well, they go back to fucking Africa. You want all this shit? I mean, I know it sounds so like basic. You go back to Africa. It's like if you don't want to live under this, then go somewhere else. But the idea that you're going to get. You're gonna get absolved. There's gonna be a complete absolution of any criminal criminal justice or law enforcement or any of this stuff. I mean, it's just not reality for the. Yeah.

Yeah. They want the lack of responsibility that comes with slavery. But also the feeling of power and being in control of a civilization. Right. Right. So they want to be coddled and their needs met in a patriarchal way as a slave would be. But they also want to be housed and fed.

Yeah. But they also want to be in charge. I mean, they say. Yeah. And one of these. Where does this say, oh, yeah, we demand independent. And this is the thing that like I don't think.

The vast majority of Americans would be like, wait. You're asking for segregation. We demand independent black political power and black self-determination in all areas of society. We envision a remaking of the current U.S. political system in order to create a real democracy where black people and all marginalized people can effectively exercise full political power. And they want all political prisoners released from prison. Election protection, full access to tech. Now, like I mean, some of this stuff is just bullshit. But like, wait, you want to set up your own political system?

I mean, you're fine to do that. Like, we would like to have our own political system, but it's kismet. We both want the same thing. Like, it's amazing, but. Yeah.

Let's see. Oh, I like I like number seven, an end to the mass surveillance of black communities, including body cam. Yeah. Oh, that. Yeah. Wow. What a pivot. Over the last five years. The ones once you realize is body cam footage is actually exonerating all of his white cops and totally blowing out of the water. Your didn't do enough in fantasies. Then all of a sudden it's time to turn those cameras right back on.

Yeah. So this is it's not about treatment by black officer or sorry. It's a treatment from police. Because even if police handled blacks with the most soft velvety set of kid gloves that you could possibly imagine. They just don't want to ever have to account for any of the things that they do. That's why the answer is always. I didn't do nothing. I know this is very basic rhetoric, but it's true. They don't want to have to account for anything. And so the body cameras.

No, we don't want that surveillance. No, we don't want prisons at all. We don't want fines at all. We don't want anything. We want the right to do whatever we want to. And we want to run your society because fuck you, Whitey.

And Jews are going to use them as a tool to destroy white interests and to suppress white people as much as possible. But the idea that there's a white supremacy to dismantle. No, it's Jewish supremacy and they're never going to allow that. To be compromise and so blacks from the very beginning, starting with these demands, you're never going to get what you want. And I don't give a fuck. Like, I'm not your ally. I'm just saying, you look at this and you see what you're asking for. You're never going to get any of this because you're barking up the wrong tree. Jews, have you like on a little dancing, a little puppet strings burning down the country, burning down property that they don't give a fuck about. You're not. You're not. There's no revolution. There's nothing that's gonna change for you. There's gonna be you might get a few more gibs, but you've be you know, as Mike has said, you've been given every single right that there possibly is. And the only way that you get anything more like these demands that you're asking for, just insane. Like nobody is going to go along with this. And when you realize that this is what these people want reparations, they want their own political system, they don't want any accountability. And I don't even just mean accountability. Like, go get a job and bootstrap yourself, black guy. I mean, like accountability. Like they can just rape you, abuse your retarded child. And there's just no consequences for any of that. They can do whatever they want. And there are no consequences. And you have to pay them. And God knows how long a system like this would be able to sustain itself, even if money printer went br. I think Jews would even get sick of this for after awhile. So they're never going to get anything.

And Keith Ellison, it's like guy like I know that you're old now and like, you know, the the animus to do revolution and like, you know, fight against the man and you realize that it was Jews all along. And I know that died a long way away. But like what what's your legacy going to be like?

Look at you. You're a puppet.

Well, I guess I guess Ellison's legacy is going to be securing a conviction against a white guy who didn't do anything and creating a new precedent for putting cops in jail for murder when they didn't do anything. That's gonna be Keith Ellison's legacy. And for them for that, I guess it's worth it. So this is why I think some blacks opt to be the the big black bioweapon golomb of the Jews is because they get something transactional out of it. I get to fuck all I get to fuck over a white guy's life for the rest of his life. And it benefits it benefits Jews and blacks. That's why they've always been allies, because they both hate white people. But the idea that it ain't this stuff is gonna happen. I mean, who remember October twenty sixteen, remember Black Lives Matter and the sit ins at Boston University and some of these others. And they published the list of demands. You know, we want a formal statement indicating solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Will they get that all the time now from every corporate company, America, it's like, you know, they have a ballpark, hotdogs or, I don't know, Maytag washing machines.

They're like, you know, this is these weird like the emails. I got an email from some company that I've subscribed subscribed to because I bought something from them, which is like this unsolicited email of like, we'd love black people. We're just like, you know, how much we care about black people. Please buy our stuff.

Yeah. I saw a post blackout post yesterday from a a page that posts like vintage classic, like British sports cars. And they're like doing the bit. Yeah. And I'm like, I don't think a single black person has ever viewed this page. Well, it. Oh, there you go.

What's funny about this, though, is if you actually read black Twitter and this this goes for the LGBTQ P community, it goes for climate change proponents, is that there is definitely a feeling amongst these groups that the corporate America comes out and says these things, but nothing ever changes. And so, yeah, while it may seem like a new normal and this is not a cope, I'm just explaining how this stuff actually works and the reaction that these people have to it is that, yeah, Hotta company comes out and say how much they love black people. The Hotta companies are going to make the next CEO a black guy. It's not gonna happen. You get up into Facebook, into the senior echelons of Silicon Valley to 85 percent white, 15 percent Jewish or no, 12 percent Jewish, like one percent black. And that's it. Like in Paget's are starting to leakin to those places. But you go to any of those places just not gonna happen. And the demands they made at Boston University. I mean, just to point out how ridiculous this is. They wanted a task force to continue this conversation after we stopped doing the sit in that this task force, this university paid for mandated task force. Equal composition of students, faculty and staff must be at least 75 percent non-white. It's like a task force ever come that coming for you. Like all these these separate buildings and communities. And we want to be in charge of this stuff.

And, you know, we want your staff and faculty to be at least X percentage black, lettings, indigenous, Muslim, whatever. That never happened. It's not going to happen. And so when they see these places talking about how green we are or, you know, put up a rainbow flag, like even the all of these different pieces of the progressive, just look at that. It's like these people don't mean anything. And yet they've made carve outs within these institutions to make these people feel like they're welcome. But they're not like, let me know when white CEO steps down as a symbol of solidarity and just gives the job to a black guy. And I think what would be funny, because I just don't give a fuck. This thing's burning so hot. Just let it burn. The next time there is some sort of like corporate gathering or some sort of, you know, let's talk about this or whatever, I think it would be kind of funny if a black employee said, well, you're white and you're a male and you're sitting up there white splaying to us about how we should feel about these events that are going on. Maybe it's time you step aside. If you have the balls to do that. That would be fucking hilarious. If if a non-white I would love to see that happen because I want these people to call it like, just do it if you're gonna make the demand, the demand.

Don't be a puppet or even a white, even though even a white guy you know, if this if this meeting heads up like. All right, well, I refuse to work. You know, I believe so strongly in diversity. I will only work not Triton's black.

I'm gonna be a brown guy. I don't want a white guy doing it because that white guy, if they do that, it has that additive effect of other whites seeing that guy do that and then it makes them cockier. I wanted to be a brown guy challenging the white Shabbos. It's like, OK, bro, then why don't you step down from your position. You're already rich. Wants to step down like Manchego. Do that.

So what I want to see why people doing is just recognizing that this entire mental trap that you're in, the societal trap we've fallen into. It's avoidable, but it's only avoidable with separate societies. There's no way you can piece this together. Rubik's Cube twists this in a way that is going to be equitable for everyone. And everyone's needs will be met by definition, a diversified mix. Society like this can never work for everyone involved in it. The only answer is they're there, right? The answer is separation. But the answer is not separation at the university level, at the department, the level into Attala governing structure level. It is to tight. It is societal.

Yeah, it is in totality. We just have to separate. So I support them on all of those things. I mean, anticapitalism go for it, but you're not going to because your entire platform has been written by Jews. It's not actually opposing capitalism. So it's not real. And the things that you are going to get are all gonna be kosher. They're gonna be things that they that they will accept that damage whites, but don't actually cause any damage for them.

And and that's the thing. And whites, the Shabbos will will happily go along with this over and over.

And it is true that if you get off it, like the first step to not being tricked is ceasing to be involved in the media cycle until you understand what the tricks are because you're just gonna keep getting tricked. I mean, even see people like our own guys like getting tricked by this stuff because they they saturated it.

And it's it's like, well, I want Trump to do the Insurrection Act. He's not gonna do it, guy. It's not gonna happen. This is all this is all gay. Like all I'm sad about Steve King. It's a gamble. Steve King was part of it up. So you not to be sad. They're done. Feel better. Good. So anyway.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, I was going to say it's anticapitalist only to the extent that you're not paying for the Nike shoes you're taking from the Nike store.

Right, exactly. So we'll see how this we'll see how this keep keeps going.

But I think this is going to keep going. The more it hurts Trump, the more that they can use it to advance their agenda on the Confederate statue front, the more that they can use it to advance their agenda on the antiwhite front. And mainly they want to keep it going because they want public support for the conviction of these these innocent white men who are being strung up in a modern day Jewish lynching. And that's exactly what that is. So while they're looting the country, they're lynching you, the Jew, the Jew. Lynch's out as he loots you. This is what they're doing now.

So, anyway, going to take a break and then we're gonna smash old Rodrigo turtling ratifiers.

You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever, bash the nation, the nation.

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