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Graham Phillips Interviews Ukraine's Swedish Azov Nazi Mikael Skillt

Interesting and frank interview with Ukraine's and Azov's most well-known (infamous) foreign volunteer conducted by a guy from 'the other side'

Some highlights:

  • Skillt confirms he was given journalist Graham Phillip's address details in Odessa for elimination purposes
  • Claims to have had the iconic East Ukraine rebel commander Motorola of the Sparta Battalion in his sites on the battlefield
  • He also says he is no longer adherent of Naziism - which he now calls a 'desert walk'

Originally published at The Truth Speaker

Mikael Skillt, he likely needs no introduction. Do a google. Interview conducted just a few minutes ago via Twitter.

<figcaption>Swedish Nazi Sniper Mikael Skillt</figcaption>
Swedish Nazi Sniper Mikael Skillt

You told me you were contacted by someone I knew in Odessa who gave you my home address there, clearly wanting you to do something with it. Given that we are ‘on different sides’, why haven’t you?

Im no assassin, so if someone wants you dead, he/she can pull the trigger.

You’ve left Azov – what’s the story there?

Im going into politics and Azov is growing and doing well even without me. But if there is war, my place will be with them.

What are you up to now, and what’s next for you?

Im working as an political advisor and soon as an military/security advisor for NGOs.

I’m right to sense you are not as against the DPR / LPR as you once were?

I will never support the DNR/LNR but I don’t want the people in the Donbas to suffer, I met many civilians from the occupied territory and they are good people. Most of them anyway :)

You have an interesting relationship with Motorola, can you give a few details there…

We seem to have “met” on the battlefield, I guess you got it confirmed since you ask the question. And Im pretty sure I had him in my scope, but never took the shoot because of odd color of the cars they blazed in on. And then all hell broke lose and he got away, the only shoot I actually regret not taking. But killing a civilian is a big no-no so there can’t be any mistakes. On the other hand Im pretty sure I caused him a lot of headache in Illovaisk, so I will have to settle with that.

Bottom line, what’s with all your Nazi stuff?

Thats a long story, but you could call it a political “desert walk”. A man need to find himself and that can take a long time, in my case it took almost 40 yrs and a whole heap of mistakes.

You want to fight corruption in Ukraine – why’s it so much of a problem there, how will you fight it?

Corruption is what divides a modern society from the barbaric ones, so if I we want to see a modern Ukraine we have to start there. How it will be done, will be my secret until Im done with the planning. But one could say my second “battlefield” in Ukraine will be against the oligarchs.

What do you think comes next for Ukraine, DPR / LPR, seriously (none of the ‘Ukraine will be united again’ stuff)….

I think we will see a co-existence, a very shaky co-existence but still some kind of truce. Both sides are tired of killing each other even if there always will be those on both sides who will never turn from their original plan. But if we want to see an uniting of the two sides, we need time. Time for the bad blood to seep away.

If the war is ‘over’ for you, what are your main achievements, regrets?

The war is over for now at least. My main achievements are that I saved a lot of lives and my main regret is that I couldn’t save more. May sound like bullshit, but I asked for a lot more missions then I was assigned to, I even requested to stay in Illovaisk after being assigned to close support to the regiment commander of the 93rd, while being behind the lines with 4303.

You have SBU contacts, you’ve read the file on me. What would happen to me if I entered Ukraine, seriously? And do you think it’s fair?

That I can’t confirm, but if I were to guess you would be arrested for advocating violence and hate-speech. I’m a believer in free speech, but on the other hand you called almost a whole country Nazi. And I don’t agree wholeheartedly with some of the things you have done. So it would depend on the sentence. Blunt I know, but I told you wouldn’t lie.

Ok, final question, what do you think – will i return to Odessa? Will you ever come to the DPR / LPR, on peaceful grounds? Do you want to? What do you expect?

I would say your as much of a “dead man walking” in Odessa as I am in DNR/LNR. I seen Donetsk and its surrounding thru my scope. I have seen parts of the normal life and death. Of course I would like to see it as a civilian and I could probably sneak in using unconventional methods but I’m realistic and know it could turn ugly. But I’m also patient as few men, so I will wait for my time.


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