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Goodbye US Stealth. Russia Is Developing a Radio-Photonic Radar

A radar that utilizes lasers for added range and precision and can even generate a 3D image of the target

In accordance to his (most likely his sources) info, Russia not only already has radiophotonics radar, we knew that device existed and was working in lab, but that it will be on trials on Su-35 as a platform before 2021 and that it will be a serial production device. 

This is really a sensational, well, to a degree, info, which also explains why Chinese too, couple days ago, started talking about their own quantum radar. Well, folks, this is the end of "stealth" aviation as we know it. 

I guess I shouldn't explain what all this means. Ostashko uses example of Elon Musk as a snake oil peddler for a reason--talk and image are cheap, strategic stability is very very expensive and labor and intellect intensive.

It fits quite well with Putin very recently calling for development of a completely new generation of weapons on new physical principles, such as this (in Russian). Obviously, such systems are being developed and now some information begins to trickle down to us, mere mortals.

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As I said before, we are witnessing a real revolution in military affairs (RMA) which changes modern battlefield in a profound and dramatic way. 

Well, looking at new Russian Strategic Missile Forces Academy one kinda gets the feel where it all goes, even aesthetics of it speaks volumes. 

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