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The Godless West Is Exhausted. Russia Finds New Energy in Faith

And Vladimir Putin is leading the way

The author grew up Jewish in New York City, and converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity, eventually becoming a monk.

He describes his ministry as 'street evangelism', and he can often be seen in midtown Manhattan and Washington DC protesting US hostility towards Russia. He has a highly successful YouTube channel with over 35 million views and 130,000 subscribers, and maintains a website called RealJewNews, which is highly critical of Jewish elites.

He is particularly vocal about and critical of Jewish influence pushing the confrontation with Russia. He tells his life story, and how he arrived at his current convictions on his YouTube channel.

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When we first became aware of Bro' Nat's videos a couple of years ago, we found his delivery so 'unusual', that we passed them by, while muttering to ourselves that he was often entirely right. Since then we have had the pleasure of meeting him, stayed in touch, and can attest that he is a very good guy.  You can see all of his articles on RI here.


The religion of Vladimir Putin is based on the idea of Orthodox Christian Civilization.

Christ is present and pleased when men seek to build the kingdom of God on earth.

This is according to the Orthodox tradition of “Symphony of Church and State” where the Church is the soul and the State is the body.

The Church prepares men for heaven while the State preserves the culture as transformed by the Church.

It’s a partnership building a strong Russian nation:

[Clip: “It is also important that at the new level the relations between Church and State are developing.

“We are true partners with joining our efforts in resolving relevant internal and global tasks. We are implementing joint endeavours for the benefit of our homeland and people. For many years Russia has become stronger.”]

As head of the nation’s body, Putin is known by his people as a key member of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Only a born-again type would say, “A man inside a church doesn’t make him a Christian any more than a man inside a garage makes him a car.”

But Orthodoxy teaches that if one is not a member “inside the Church”…then he’s not connected to the Church’s Head, the Lord Jesus Christ.

After a phone call with Putin on the Ukraine crisis, the Jewish press reported that Merkel said that Putin was “in another world”…”out of touch with reality.”

That’s not what she said.

What she said was, “Putin has a completely different view of the world.”

Indeed he does:

[Clip: “These days the Russian Orthodox Church and the whole Orthodox world are commemorating the one thousand and twenty fifth anniversary of the Baptism of Russia.

“The Christianization of Russia predetermined the destiny and civilizational choice of Russia. Orthodoxy has become a Spiritual pillar. It bound, by close ties of kinship, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.”]

The West though has lost its vigor. It’s now the haunt of Jewry which has devastated its culture with depravity.

It’s at the end of history—a ghost of old forms bereft of the soul it once possessed. It’s swept clean and seven demons have entered in its place.

This is not the case with Russia.

After 70 years of Jewish Bolshevik oppression, Russia is pulsing in the womb of rebirth and renewal…where Orthodox Churches with its golden domes and sky-blue cupolas, Christian Schools, and Holy Monasteries are sprouting throughout its cities and dotting its country sides.

“God and the devil are at war,” said Dostoevsky, “and the battlefield is the heart of man.”

Putin has drawn the battle lines. He rebuked the West for its deviant sexual mores and sick spirituality:

[Clip: “Today, many nations are revising their moral values and ethical norms, eroding ethnic traditions and differences between peoples and cultures.

“Society is now required not only to recognize everyone’s right to the freedom of consciousness, political views and privacy, but also to accept without question the equality of good and evil.”]

But Obama — with Jewish children at his side selling sodomy — extols homosexuals for charting a course for a sick new world.

[Clip: “Third we ask the President for his support of gay marriage. Because we have two moms and they are just as good as other parents.”

“Welcome all of you to the White House for LGBT Pride Month. We’ve got some outstanding members of Congress here including a record number from the Congressional Equality Caucus; Major General Patricia Rose and her wife retired lieutenant Julie Roth are here; we got Fred Hochberg and Elaine Kaplan, two outstanding members of my team, who are here.

“I want to congratulate Nitza Quinones Alejandro, who, just a few hours ago, was confirmed by the Senate, making her the first openly gay Hispanic federal judge in our country’s history.”]

Ukraine has a choice to make.

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Either come under the thumb of the decadent Jewish West or save its soul with the Christian East of Holy Russia.

There is a war. It’s a battle for the hearts of men.

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