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Glorious Triumph! Train Loaded With ISIS Booty Tours Russia

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Caesar Vladimir Putin returns to Moscow in triumph! 

With ISIS reduced to a band of petty bandits, Russia has extracted its share of the spoils. Trucks, armored vehicles, guns, you name it, will be paraded through the Russian countryside to the capital for the bemusement of the masses.

Too bad ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi hasn't been captured. But when he is, Imperator Vladimir should give him the same treatment Caesar gave Gaulish chieftan Vercingetorix--hold him in a dungeon for a decade then drag him out to be sacrificed to roars of applause. 

Hail Jupiter!

Why doesn't the American public ever get to experience such ammusements? Is it because our armies never win?

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A train with trophies has set off on a journey all over Russia. Weapons that were retaken from terrorists in Syria will be shown to Russian citizens. The train of 18 cars will travel to 60 cities, from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok.

My colleague, Arzy Khosyanova, inspected the exhibit.

There are 20 cars in this train. The military placed the captured weapons on nine flat cars. This military equipment was captured from terrorists in Syria and is now at the victory exhibition. Now they are just exhibits. Not long ago they were real weapons with the daily task of taking lives. Now, you can tell that the equipment was recently operational only by its appearance. Some of them are scuffed, some have armor-piercing shell holes. Now even the air smells of black oil. But most importantly, they don't have any chance of shooting anymore. Every piece has its own story but there are those who put a definite stop to it... The Russian military gained combat experience in Syria.

Vladimir Tulubets, head of Syrian Turning Point train: "The exhibit presents military equipment like those that are currently in Syria and are being used against the Syrian Army as well as the Russian Army. It makes it clear that we fight not against poorly equipped jihadists but against a number of countries which supply the opposition and terrorists with weapons."

The Syrian Turning Point exhibition presents unique samples of international military equipment... From the T-55 tank that was transported from Georgia to Syria to a tunneling machine that was made in China. There are also Israeli guns and ammunition, American vehicles, and last-gen communications equipment from the EU. Further, the exhibition presents rocket-artillery weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles. In a word, this is not an arsenal used by street gangs. This is something used by organized armed forces.

Herman Martynov, Head of Engineering Service of the Russian Armed Forces: "You can see here what was found after clearing mines in Palmyra, Deir ez-Zor, and others. We found explosive industrial items with various target sensors — Pull-action sensors, pressure-action sensors, radio transmitters, as well as improvised explosive items."

The trophy train has set off from the Kazansky railway terminal. It will stop at 10 Russian cities covering over 18,000 miles... From Moscow to Sevastopol, from the Black Sea to the Far East. In April, it will make the last leg of the journey, from Murmansk to Moscow. The train will arrive at the finish line on April 27th with the last stop at Patriot Park, near Moscow.

There's an entire month of traveling all over the country before that. Tomorrow, the train will make its first stop in Tula. Every comer will be able to look at the exhibits.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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