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Globohomo Propaganda News Agency Owned by Rupert Murdoch Goes Bust - a Triumph for Alternative, (i.e. Honest), Journalism

Despite being a mainstay of the corporation sponsored media, the Australian Associated Press (AAP) is clearings its desks and will pull the shutters down on nearly 100 years of spun news. The new agency’s hacks are being told not to slam the doors behind them.

It is known that 300,000 mainstream reporters and columnists have lost their jobs thanks to the internet. Where they end up is anyone’s guess? Shelf stackers in supermarkets, servers in MacDonald’s, washing sheets in brothels. Journalists of integrity saw the writing on the wall a long time ago.

Saying it is ‘no longer viable to continue’, rogue remnants of controlled media lay the blame on the ‘journalistic market’ being flooded by free digital media ~ like The Ethnic European.

The Australian Associated Press was founded in 1935 by Keith Murdoch, father of Newscorp founder Rupert Murdoch.  Asked why the mastheads of his newspapers were coloured red, he replied that it was because he was a socialist. The senior mogul was dubbed ‘Red Rupert.

‘Many journalists now are no more than channels and echoes of what George Orwell called the ‘official truth’. They simply cipher and transmit lies.’ ~ John Pilger, Australian Investigate Journalist.

Thanks to cough-cough sponsorship, the Australian Associated Press soon grew to have press bureaus all over the country with many additional correspondents placed around the world.

Editor-in-Chief Tony Gillies said in a statement: ’We have had a place like no other in journalism. We exist for the public’s interest and I now fear for the void left by the absence of AAP’s strong, well-considered voice.’ Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he.

The newswire blames digital content (uncontrolled free peoples online media) for their closure. He also castigates Google and Facebook for taking advertising revenues. Also in the mogul’s cross-hairs is the Australian government for their allowing online news outlets to compete.

‘We have got to stop using the term mainstream (media). It is actually an extreme. What could be more extreme than institutions that incite rapacious wars, deceive about economic policy, what could be more extreme than that? There is nothing mainstream about that.’ ~ Australian journalist and broadcaster, John Pilger.

It is interesting that newspapers and corporations claim to uphold democracy and commercial competition. But, only as long as they are the ones muscling rivals out of the market.

Many victims denigrated and defamed by Australian Associated Press hacks will be raising their cans of Fosters to the death of the beast.

‘The unprecedented impact of the digital platforms that take other people’s content and distribute it for free has led to too many companies choosing to no longer use AAP service,’ it said in a statement. It also blamed the Canberra regime for its ‘failure to effectively deal with digital content aggregators, search engines and social media, which has made news readily available for free online.’

The Australian Associated Press is not the only news outlet to feel the impact of Facebook and Google’s grabbing of advertising revenue. Mainstream media dubbed slipstream media is facing hard times. The Guardian and other flagship mastheads now beg for donations from their readers.

‘In addition, more Australians have been turning to alternative online media, disappointed with mainstream bias.’

The Australian Associated Press will officially cease publication in June 2020. Its network of international contributors includes correspondents in New Zealand, Port Moresby, London, Jakarta, and Los Angeles.

The wire service is currently owned by News Corp Australia, Nine Entertainment Co., and Seven West Media. It is thought likely that these entities are run by dual passport holders who aren’t actually Australians other than as passport holders.

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