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Alex Jones and Roger Stone Decimate Billionaire's Media Shilling For Hillary (Video)

"... the evil corrupt Pope, the evil corrupt Chinese President, the evil crap Mexican president, the Saudi corrupt filth royal family,  - every festering nest of of corruption and evil hates Donald Trump..."

"These people are a joke and they already know they've collapsed"

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Excellent discussion from Jones and Stone on Trump on what a disgrace the neocon media have become.

The mainstream media has thrown all pretense of objectivity out the window. It is just about attacking Trump now, relentlessly.

<figcaption>Dumb billionaire move - over half of Americans will end up hating your guts</figcaption>
Dumb billionaire move - over half of Americans will end up hating your guts

In the Information age, all elections are information wars, and the media hold the levers to power.

But they have abused that right and responsibility so much that the public no longer trusts them.

Jones discusses the size of his audience, which is huge - 28 million people a week.  If the mainstream media keep this up, they will lose viewers, and Jones' audience will double by November.  And Jones knows it.  He smells blood.

Jones and Stone lay it all out in this video. Well worth watching.

Full transcript follows below:


Jones: ... but I was thinking during the break about censorship again before we get back into the medical issues and how they respond because the two stories go together, Jeff Bezos of Amazon -who admits he's a Clinton worshipper- another multi-billionaire socialist, owns the Washington Post, makes it even worse than it was before...

Stone: -Which is hard to do which is hard to do.

Jones: With Graham running it before now...

Stone: -The worst newspaper in America.

Jones: Now we've got Carlos Slim, who owns part of it, now he's the majority owner of the New York Times. 

Stone: -and the largest single donor to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, he's number one.

Jones: - Engaging in this incredicle disinformation but no wonder they want to censor us and now admit they want to shut us down with a six percent national trust rating in an AP study of tens of thousands of respondents. 

It's bigger than just wanting to shut us down. We have to understand- I'm not bragging, InfoWars reaches 28 million people a week. This radio show just on radio- 3 million people a day, over 5 million YouTube views over 3 or 4 million facebook views today. You add it all together it's much bigger than 28 million- that's conservative.

These people are a joke and they already know they've collapsed, Roger Stone that only means it's that much worse, they are coming to shut us down like Matt Drudge said. 

Stone: Yeah i know i think their plan is is a painfully obvious. Here's the difference between what we're seeing now and everything I've seen in eight previous presidential campaigns.

In the past the media pretended to be objective- they still tried to screw the Conservative candidate but all the time, pretending to be objective. Now they've dropped all pretense of trying to be objective. It is hysterical in their efforts to get Donald Trump, to smear him to distort what he says to magnify minor mistakes that he's made.

He's not a career politician, as he said the other day which i think was actually a very positive (thing). He doesn't always get it exactly right, but when he makes a small mistake they magnify it out of all proportion.

When Hilary gets caught taking bribes or lying they barely cover it, in fact most cases they don't cover it at all.

They've dropped all pretense of being objective, now they just seek to stop the reform candidacy of Donald Trump because it scares the daylights out of them.

He would bust up the K Street/ Wall Street combine. 

Jones: -none of them are giving him any money that is the total certification that he is the real deal.

Stone: Yeah yesterday's finance reports showed him at 38 million dollars cash on hand.

In retrospect it may become clear if he raises the same amount in say the next 80 days which is probable, that he would have been better off taking public finance and then running asmuch fundraising he could through affiliated super PACs as Hilary has done with her super PACs.

He would have gotten a hundred million dollars from public finance without raising a dime. 

Jones: -you recommended that. 

Stone: Yes and I think it's going to be borne out as have he would have had more net dollars for the fight had he done so. The establishment has zipped their wallets.

Jones: This is so colossal, I over use the word epic but this is the epic of epic this is the crème de la creme.

Where, the evil corrupt Pope the evil corrupt Chinese President the evil crap Mexican president the Saudi corrupt filth royal family, every every festering whole nest of of corruption and evil hates Donald Trump...

Every global combine, every stinking hedge fund and then the moron fake liberals run around behind Hillary.

But a lot of them I've talked to-  actually aren't morons and are supporting Trump because they know Sanders vote was stolen, I think that's really the missing army that will put Trump over the top and that's why there's election fraud if he doesn't win. 

Stone: This is why the candidacy of both Jill Stein the Green Party candidate and Gary Johnson the Libertarian Party candidate are so important.

The criteria of the Presidential Commission on debates which is, by the way, not appointed by the president, not a commission, and not about debates. It is headed by a former republican national chairman and democratic national chairman.

Their goal: keep everybody else out of the political discussion.

Now, I think progressive voters would vote for Jill Stein given the screwing of Bernie Sanders without Vaseline according to the WikiLeaks documents where Deborah Wasserman Schultz was a mole for the Clintons... if they knew that her candidacy existed. She has gotten on the ballot in 44 states. 

Jones: All I see is Leftist groups attacking her but that's because they're not real leftist groups. 

Stone: No! It's McCarthyism. That's McCarthyism.  

She's a legitimate candidate governor gary johnson is legitimate candidate. They should be in these debates.

First of all, it is outrageous to not include them sure using some phony polling number creates the chicken and egg situation where they can't get to fifteen percent because they're not in the debate and they can't get in the debate because they're not a 15-percent.

The criteria should be how many states are you in the ballot.

Jones: Sure, but we can never break the the two-headed monster duopoly so Trump finally came in and has done that.

He's taken over the Republican Party.  Its a Libertarian populace insurrection, and that's why everyone needs to support him, including Sanders people. 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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