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The Globalist Cabal Bring Their Lawless Revolution Home

"And now these lawless cretins have turned the same trick on their own country, their own electorate, and on their own President."

One of the main points I made in my previous posting on the recently released Nunes memo, was that the big problem the US now faces is not that there has been a deep level of corruption and lawlessness in those organisations that are meant to enforce the rule of law, but that there are huge numbers of people in the political and media class that not only refuse to admit this, but are accusing those who have exposed the lawlessness of being lawless. Here’s what I wrote:

But when you have these kinds of illegal and treasonous actions exposed, and the reaction from huge numbers of your politicians and media is to double down on the lies, and accuse those who have exposed the malfeasance of being lawless or Russian spies, then please know that the writing is well and truly on the wall.

My favourite living theologian and preacher, Douglas Wilson, has made a similar point in his latest piece, A Dumpster Full of Grease Fire. For instance:

“The issue is not that there was a cancer deep in the innards of the Republic. That happens from time to time. The true measure of our corruption is how the establishment johnnies are reacting now that the corruption has been made known. Every large nation has always had people doing things in back rooms that were better left undone. The problem, the crisis, is that massive numbers of people, well placed and hell-bent on brazening it out, are trying to shrug the whole thing off.”

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Amen to that. He goes on in his piece to say this:

“They have no commitment whatever to any process that allows them to be defeated fair and square. Their faction losing is illegitimate, by definition. A non-starter. Legitimacy is defined as their faction on top. If fair elections result in losses for them, then they are unfair. If unfair elections result in positive outcomes for them, well, then, the people have spoken. They are hostile to the very concept of the rule of law.”

Again, amen. But this actually taps into something much wider, which unfortunately a lot of US conservatives, who are now rightly enraged by the shenanigans going on in the Washington Snake Pit, seem to have entirely missed over the years. And it is this:

The US Deep State has been operating on this principle around the world for decades. Exactly the same principle. They are lawless goons who have gone around deciding who should and shouldn’t run other countries, toppling those that didn’t serve their interests, and replacing them with their own subservient faction.

And so when it looked like someone might get elected back in the US who they deemed illegitimate, what did they do? Well they did what you’d expect lawless goons to do. They simply brought their lawless revolution home. That’s all.

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So if, for example, Mr Assad should win a free and fair election in Syria (which I’ve absolutely no doubt that he would), tell me what would the US Government say? You know the drill. Just three words: “Assad Must Go!” Why? Because they have no commitment whatever to any process that allows their plans for that country to be defeated fair and square. They are lawless!

If, for example, Viktor Yanukovych, had happened to sign a deal with opposition leaders in Kiev on 21st February 2014 to enter a power-sharing agreement and bring elections forward (which he did), and this was guaranteed by the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France and Poland (which it was), why would the US Government have decided to override the agreement within hours, using Nazi thugs to threaten his life, and declaring him illegitimate? Because legitimacy is defined as their faction on top. They are lawless!

If the Libyan leader was fighting against Islamist fanatics who wanted to topple him, and the United States lied and claimed he was about to massacre innocent men, women and children, giving them the excuse to use their airforce to aid the Islamist fanatics in their cause, why would they do that? Because they decided that he must be got rid of, and therefore that he was illegitimate. They are lawless!

If ever you’ve heard them bleating on about international law, the rules based system, democracy promotion, values etc, and you believed them, then I do hope that the current cesspit in Washington will open your eyes. These people have been rampaging lawlessly across the world for decades, selling their wars and their drones and their surveillance and their coup d’états as all being entirely benevolent, when of course their real aims were the aims of utopian fanatics, remaking the world in their image — a Globalist, borderless mush of subservient vassals, all subject to who what they truly believe is the ultimate law: the World Hegemony, the Global Policeman who sets the rules for others and breaks them at will whenever it suits him (we call him the Global Bent Copper round these parts).

And now these lawless cretins have turned the same trick on their own country, their own electorate, and on their own President. Why? Because when their President was a candidate, he made a few feeble and half-baked comments about “getting along with Russia”. Comments which any rational person would have rejoiced at, since those countries possess between them around 17,000 nuclear missiles. But no, the Globalist Cabal and their Global Pravda Network of toadying hacks freaked out at the thought. Some of them plotted to destroy the elected president; others obscured the truth so as to let them do their worst.

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If you are a US citizen, and you happen to be disgusted with the shenanigans of the Snake Pit, as you ought to be, ask yourself if you cared when your Government was doing this sort of thing to other countries (and worse)? If not, you need to do some long, hard reflecting. All you are seeing is the Globalist Revolution inevitably making its way home. Put it like this: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap (Galatians 6:7).

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