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Globalism Is Dying - Conservatism, Traditionalism, and Religion Are the Future - A Full Hour with Rising YouTuber Steve Turley

This one is well worth listening to.

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Turley is definitely somebody worth following on YouTube because he offers something new and important - an optimistic, scientific examination and a chronicling of how nationalism, traditionalism, and religion are on a powerful global upswing, and why globalism is on its way out in every corner of the globe.

He usually puts out two short episodes per day analyzing current events in the context of this seismic shift.

This video is a little different because Turley is a guest on a South African show, and has more time to explain in depth this phenomenon. He draws on an impressive amount of scientific research and journalism to make his point, and explains how global the phenomenon is, describing it in India, China, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, among others - not to mention the US and Europe. Towards the end he discusses how Russia is very successfully forging a national identity out of many different ethnicities and religions. Very interesting.

On his regular show, Turley, a conservative Christian (Orthodox convert from Lutheranism) frequently discusses Russia, which he sees as a classic example of this sea-change.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel and turn on notifications. You won't be disappointed.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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