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If You Think St. Petersburg Terror Attack Was 'Revenge' for Syria, Sergey Lavrov Thinks You're a Jerk

The media is trying to rationalize a terror attack. Lavrov knows they're vile

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Russia's Foreign Minister has a friendly message for anyone who gloats about how yesterday's terror attack in St. Petersburg was "revenge" for Russia's involvement in Syria: You're vile. 

In a short and blunt comment, Sergey Lavrov called out media outlets that tried to rationalize the attack against Russia:

<figcaption>Note to CNN</figcaption>
Note to CNN

It’s so cynical and vile from parts of the media to suggest that this terror attack was revenge for Russia’s actions in Syria.

He added:

Unfortunately, it’s not only the media making it up. We heard similar ideas from US officials under the Obama administration, when they said that Russia should wait for its soldiers with new coffins if we help Assad.


Max Abrahms said it best: "Russia haters argue both that Russia doesn't attack terrorists in Syria & terrorists are attacking Russia because it attacks them in Syria."

By the way — we thought Russia was helping Islamic State in Syria? That's what the "responsible" people kept writing...

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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