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Germany's Leading News Weekly Hates Sepp Blatter and Putin (Spiegel)

This is why a lot of Germans are convinced their media is co-opted by the CIA.  (Spoiler alert: It is!)

This article originally appeared at Deep Resource

Blatter mocks UEFA president Platini (the corrupt Frenchman who was pressured by Sarkozy to vote for Qatar-2022, not by the FIFA), who sent an email to all voters that they should vote against Blatter, to no avail.

[] – Blatter verspottet seine Gegner
[] – Timing of FIFA Arrests Ahead of Presidential Vote ‘No Coincidence’

Newly re-elected FIFA chief Joseph Blatter said that the United States is the number one sponsor of Jordan and Prince Ali Bin Hussein, who was Blatter’s only rival in Friday’s FIFA presidency vote.

Reminds us of pictures of prominent Anglo politicians shaking hands with those they kill at a later date.

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