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Arrogant German Politician Wants Putin to Pay for Syria

Mr. Norbert Roettgen of Germany's CDU party has only as much sense as his Atlanticist masters give him

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared at Contra-Magazine. Translated from German by Werner Schrimpf

„Putin must pay for what he did in Syria!“ – a statement which sounds like a threat spoken by a gunslinger playing in a Wild West movie was in reality a remark from Mr. Norbert Roettgen of Germany's Christian Democratic Party, and head of the German parliament's foreign affairs committee. Mr. Roettgen was commenting on Putin’s policy in Syria.

(translator‘s note: Mr. Roettgen from Germany's Christian Democratic Party is a leading functionary within the U.S. NGO „Atlantikbruecke“. While he had very limited success in various political posts in Germany, he's now found “his role” as an aggressive propagandist against Russia and its President Putin)

Such brutal wording is not yet the climax of Mr. Roettgen speeches. He is blaming Russia for intentionally killing people in Syria. To sum it up: Russians are murderers and killers who are just looking to kill other people. That is their main objective in Syria. And now the interesting question: is this the language of a diplomat and a foreign policy chief, or is this just an agitator?

But that's not the end of it yet. Mr. Roettgen has more to offer. He is blaming Russia for “crimes against humanity”, which is a criminal offence under international law, well-known from the Nuremberg Trials after World War II. Placing Russia’s current government on a level with henchmen from the former Nazi-regime is part of Mr. Roettgen's weird world view.

It is a matter of fact that leading foreign politicians in Germany are carefully selected. That means Mr. Roettgen's grotesque show is anything but a coincidence. Mr. Roettgen is fully committed to preaching the interests of NATO and the U.S. His brutal and perverted style would suggest a German version of U.S. senator John McCain.  But this comparison would be too much praise for this person, who was recently fired from a ministerial post by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Obviously, Mr. Roettgen is now out to create some “new profile” for himself, and gain a reputation for high-ranking jobs while broadcasting his crude speeches. This is not the first time in Mr. Roettgen's career where he has tried to go with the flow in order to gain some personal advantages.

Individuals like Mr. Roettgen are highly annoying but their actions are an infallible indicator of what’s in store for the Western countries. The West is heading for a sharp confrontation in order to slow down its own decline and revive its old institutions like NATO. But Western foundations are forming cracks already and the globe has changed a lot, whereas Western influence has steadily diminished.  The new times are much more colorful than the black-and-white images of NATO strategists.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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