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Orgy of Russophobic Hysteria In German Media

In Germany, the sinister Putin and Russia are painted with the same brush

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared at Compact Magazin. Translated from German by Werner Schrimpf

Hardly a day goes by without a barrage of anti-Putin articles and reports in German media. There are personal insults directed at Russia, and doomsday prophecies predicted for it as well. German main stream media pretends to differentiate between Putin and Russia but in reality, a strong and independent Russia is a thorn in the side of these transatlantic actors.

You can find journalist Boris Reitschuster at the frontline. His newest theory is that Putin is conducting a hybrid war against Germany. He’s trying to overthrow Mrs. Merkel und then dominate Europe. Another member of the gang is Mr. Jan-Philipp Hein, in that he comes up with the weird assertion that the raid of 1.000 Muslim men against German women on New Years Eve in Cologne was orchestrated and planned by Putin, and carried out by Russian secret service agents. Then there is Mr. Anton Hofreiter, party whip of the Green Party, who is talking about a Putin-arranged assault on Europe.  Mr. Benjamin Triebe, author of the newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemein” is dreaming of a regime change in Russia and of times when Western business conglomerates will be able to exploit Russia.

Of course each of these journalists would deny any anti-Russian stance. Russia is perfectly fine as long as Russia is weak and a poodle of the West. A strong and independent Russia will be rejected regardless of whether Mr. Putin is the president. This is the essence of their comments. It’s obvious that only the U.S. is entitled to articulate its own opinion, to assert its wishes on the international scene, and to have power. Everything else will be banned. It is more than just a hypocritical world view that is massively spread by Western media. During a time when more and more crises and showdowns are popping up in the Western hemisphere, the self-appointed elites between Washington and Berlin are afraid to lose control.

One example is the Dutch referendum on the UkraineEuropean Union Association Agreement, which is taking place on the 6th of April. The ruling class in the West is losing its lead while U.S. intelligence services are accusing the initiators of the referendum of being paid and corrupted by Russia. The Ukrainian government now wants to start a counter-campaign in the Netherlands and asked the Dutch government for assistance in doing this.  Once again, collaborating governments are acting against the interests of the population.  

During the last weeks, the amount of Russian-bashing articles have been launched in such a dense frequency that it gives a very clear picture at what kind of orchestrated campaign is going on here. At the touch a button you can see and hear the same streamlined arguments. Russia is facing a barrage of criticism.

However, as the Russia-bashing in the news media increases, so increases the idea among the people that Russia is a sign of hope for those in eroding and crisis-ridden Western countries, as well as for those struggling with never-ending conflicts in Middle and Near East countries. Russia holds its flag high and shows action, and that is what Western backroom politicians and lobbyists are afraid of. In times where it seems impossible to keep conflicts and crises in check, Russia will gain advantages. Things are going to get exciting in the years to come.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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