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German Editor Turned CIA Whistleblower is #1 on Amazon in Germany

More fun facts about the weirdness of the German media
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The book of that German editor we told you about two weeks ago, who is exposing CIA and German Secret Service programs to manipulate German media to follow directives from Washington, is #1 on Amazon's bestseller list in Germany.

Our first article about him, and then the follow-up exclusive interview we did with him, are two of the most-read articles on our site.  Friday's article about widespread evidence of media fiddling coming from Washington is also tearing through our "on fire" rankings.

<figcaption>The German media is muzzled</figcaption>
The German media is muzzled

The funny thing is, if you google his name, and look for news, there is absolutely nothing about his book in the German mainstream media.

Kind of supports his point, doesn't it?


Germans are starting to wake up


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MORE: Germany

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