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Survey: 40% of German Citizens Fear a NATO War against Russia

In the Baltic states the US is conducting exercises on the Russian border involving 3,000 US soldiers. For Russia, this can only be seen as a provocation. In addition, there are NATO exercises currently underway in the Black Sea.


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The article originally appeared at Neo Presse. Translated for RI by Paul Dunne

Furthermore, NATO General Secretary Stoltenberg wants to station a NATO intevention force permanently in Eastern Europe.The US tanks being used in the current military exercises are to be left in Europe after these are over.

<figcaption>NATO expansion is not only alarming for Germans</figcaption>
NATO expansion is not only alarming for Germans

Since 1990 NATO has seen greatly expanded, up to the Russian border.  This has greatly increased the danger of war.  And ever more people at home see it this way too: according to the newest poll conducted by Forsa for RTL's "Night Journal", around 40%.

In the summer of 2014 only one out of every three German citizens held it for possible that a war between NATO and Russia might develop as a result of the Ukrainian civil war.  The fear of war has thus grown, despite Minsk II.

According to a Forsa poll for "Stern" magazine, 33% of those questioned then did not exclude the possibility of war. German citizens questioned in a Forsa poll on the growing danger of war feared that the cold war might quickly develop into a hot war.

The NATO exercise was justified by lies in the media about the Balts feeling threatened by Russia.

However, a TV poll conducted by the TV station "TV 3" of Lithuania found that 82% of Lithuanians believe these reports to be NATO lies and do not feel themselves threatened by Russia at all.

Ever more German citizens fear that the USA is in fact setting European against European in the Ukrainian crisis, and could drive them into a new war.


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