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Merkel's Putin-Bashing Gets Shriller. German Media Displays Stunning Collusion

  • Merkel fires accusations at Putin through her subordinates
  • In obvious collusion and scripted interviewing, German TV interviewer completes the attack by making all sorts of innuendo in loaded questions which Merkel refuses to contradict...
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An absolutely priceless article, for pointing out the crazy obseqiousness of the German TV "journalist" in a Merkel interview - where he practically announces that Putin is about to invade the Baltics.

The German media is really one of the funniest things we have seen in a long time.  

<figcaption>For $1 million a year, this famous news presenter, Klaus Kleber, will say anything he's told to say...   German media - the most pathetic thing we've seen for a long time</figcaption>
For $1 million a year, this famous news presenter, Klaus Kleber, will say anything he's told to say... German media - the most pathetic thing we've seen for a long time

First we thought, well, this is evidence of CIA infiltration of the top media, which seems to be an actual fact, and we still think this is widespread, and you can find many articles about it on this site.

But it goes beyond that.  It has something to do with the German national psyche.  Their incapacity for subtleness and tact.  It's quite entertaining.

We think Merkel is going to completely self-destruct on this Russia thing.  She is the Titanic and the Ukraine crisis and Russia policy is her iceberg.  The fun is just beginning.

This article comes originally form German Economic News, which is one of the very few German publications that allows this kind of criticism of the German media.  

We just run their stuff through Googletranslate, so its sometimes hard to read, but worth it, we think.

Angela Merkel has sharpened her anti-Russia rhetoric.

Her senior official on Russian questions, Gernot Erler, recently accused Putin of destroying the peace in Europe.

Furthermore, In a ZDF (German TV) interview, Merkel barely needed to answer the loaded questions of the interviewer, Klaus Kleber, as they were loaded in advance with innuendo and attacks against Putin that Merkel has long wanted to state herself.  

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is dissatisfied with the foreign policy of President Vladimir Putin. She accuses him of breach of faith. The Russia officer of the German government, Gernot Erler, the Polish newspaper said Gazeta Wyborcza :

"What we see is a growing frustration of the Chancellor to the President of Russia.

Vladimir Putin has promised her a lot, but so far he has not kept his word.

This was, for example, in the case of Minsk ceasefire agreement, which was negotiated in September. "

Erler said he shared the feelings Merkel. He, too, was "frustrated" because Putin "destroy everything that has been achieved in Minsk." Russia was treated as a partner. But the move has been in vain.

"There's no turning back in this time," said Erler.

Angela Merkel wants in Ukraine crisis the pressure on Russia not diminish. 

"We will not overcome these problems if we do not clear the name calling things", she said Tuesday at the CDU party congress in Cologne.

Russia had violated about with the annexation of the Crimea to international law and make neighboring countries to spheres of influence. Moreover, Russia put the peace in Europe into question. 

"The goal is a territorially intact Ukraine", which could decide freely and self-determined about their future, Merkel said.

"This is the enforcement of the rule of law."

Merkel threatened Russia at the same time with new sanctions. She knew that they were painful for the German economy.

"They are not ends in themselves. But they are adopted if they are inevitable. "

The Chancellor was staying in a ZDF interview rather covered - but this was easily possible because the questions of the presenter Klaus Kleber covered essentially what Merkel might think about Putin , but do not want to say:

"Are you worried that Putin's hunger for territory could possibly be not satisfied with the Crimea, and how do you plan to resist it? "

"The world's leaders always look to you as someone who has the closest personal relationship to Vladimir Putin.  Does the word disappointment come up in your feelings towards him? "

"People in the Baltics look very anxious on their giant neighbor and ask themselves whether actually keeps the word of NATO, that if necessary the Baltic defended.

Does that even if such a thing as a stealth attack - takes place in the Baltics - similar to Lugansk and Donetsk?

Is it conceivable that NATO actually responds necessary with weapons ? "

Merkel said that disappointment was not a political category and put it on the path to a diplomatic solution.

However, her close confidant Erler believes that the measures imposed by the EU-Russia sanctions would have made ​​a great impression on the Russians. Russia has sufficient foreign reserves to prevent an economic crisis. However, the Kremlin did not expect a closed appearance of Europeans.

It's literally:

"Putin's recent decision [of a gas pipeline from Russia to Italy] to stop the construction of South Stream was an attempt to sow discord.

Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia, ie countries that - to put it mildly - Russia treats very courteously, are most affected by this decision.

Perhaps they should also be mobilized against those coherent policy in Europe. "

Of great concern, the Russian officer who Luftrumverletzungen the Russian Air Force. The London think tank European Leadership Network has documented 40 incidents between April and mid-November, which took place between NATO and Russia.  However, the incidents have occurred in international airspace, on the NATO still has no exclusive claim.

Last weekend, a squadron of 24 Russian bombers and transport planes has approached the Lithuanian airspace and puts the Lithuanian army on alert. But Erler warns NATO against responding to such provocations.

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