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Made in Germany: Probably the Worst Army of NATO

Germany's army is a mess

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Good news first: Minister Ursula von der Leyen promised to furnish all German military barracks with electricity.

And here comes bad news: German troops have already suffered considerable losses! No, you have not missed anything. The war, which the US desires, has not yet begun – it is still in the preparation stage.

<figcaption>German Eurofighters, even in case of emergency, remain mostly on the ground</figcaption>
German Eurofighters, even in case of emergency, remain mostly on the ground

Nonetheless, the Federal Armed Forces are so desolate as though the soldiers have just come back from the destructive battle. Facts and figures, reported by ARD last autumn:

Out of 254 battle and transport aircrafts 150 must remain on the ground.

-  Out of 109 Eurofighter only 42 are ready for use.

-  The situation with Tornado-Jet fighters is not much better: out of 89 only 38 can lift off.

Air freighters ‘Transall’: out of 56 less than half can operate.

Transport helicopter CH-53: The Federal Armed Forces possess 83 out of which only 16 are functional.

Navy helicopter? Out of 43 only 7 can fly.

Attack helicopter Tiger: 64 in stock, operational – 18.

- Armoured personnel carrier Boxer: 110, out of 180, are under repair.

As a few months have passed since the publication by ARD it might be that one or more helicopters can now fly but it could not change the whole picture: The German army is far from being able to provide the ‘Quick Response Force’ as required by NATO.

As for the new air vehicles, the situation is even more dismal: ‘Die Welt’ reported a week ago that the new air force cargo aircraft A400M, built by Airbus, has evidently 161 deficiencies, 8 of which are classified as ‘permanent or temporary defects’. The loading dock can be loaded with only 3 tons instead of the required 4,5; problems arise at low temperatures at high altitudes, at low-altitude flight as well as at landing on unpaved runways.

And what about the electricity? Is it true that more than half of the German military barracks are not connected to the power grid? Yes, it is true since this was ultimately stated by the German newspaper ‘Die Welt’. And who would doubt the credibility of German media?

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