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Huge German Demo Demands End to anti-Russian Warmongering

  • 15,000 rally in East German city of Dresden to object to Germany's permissive immigration policies and the belligerent Russia stance
  • It's a rally of ordinary, conservative people who no longer feel themselves represented by the establishment political parties and policies
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It is famously the city where the Russian president served as a KGB spy.

It belongs to former East Germany, where people who know better see Russia with more sympathy than in the West. Towards the end of WW2 it suffered and learned at first hand how bad the Allies' goodies were.

Now Dresden seems to have a thing about Vladimir Vladimirovich and his conservative ideals.

Already end of August, a mass rally against Merkel's confrontation with Russia took place in Dresden. Crowds were not shy of shouting Kriegstreiber at her, hence calling a warmonger a warmonger.

This week, Dresdeners who care are at it again. They have taken to the streets – peacefully, as this is no colorful revolution – in defense of Christian values, and against the threat of Islamization.

The protesters call themselves PEGIDA, a German acronym for“Patriotic Europeans against [Gegen, in German] the Islamization of the West [Abendlandes, in German]. Their Facebook page already has 72,000 Likes.

To the horror of the FAZ, Dresden street protesters, like the poor people of Haiti, carried a couple of placards that read “Putin help us”, “Away from warmongering governments - Germany out of NATO”.

Who knows? Protest after protest, placard after placard, Germany's elites will eventually get the message...

The protest started on Monday evening, Dec 15, and it is making headlines in Germany. According to the FAZ “more and more people are joining the PEGIDA protesters”.

So far 15,000 and rising.

Die Zeit admitted it was a big event, but tried to dismiss it as an expression of “bouncing conservatism,” whatever that means, typical of Sachsen [the German region Dresden is part of]. Der Spiegel offered a socioeconomic analysis of the protest, portaying it as a relatively mindless “symptom of poverty and fear.”

That people in Germany might embrace conservative ideals at odds with the NWO agenda – the latter overlayed by deathly globalization, dilution of national culture, preeminence of economy over humanity, and of finance over industry – just doesn't cross the mind of establishment German analyst.

Either you agree with them or you are “poor” and “in fear.” And on top of that you are a brain-dead lover of Putin, as many in Dresden most certainly are.

Interestingly PEGIDA has links to AFD, Alternative für Deutschland, Germany's new far right - ardently patriotic - euro-skeptic party.

Founded in February 2013, it immediately won 2 million votes, or almost 5% in the parliamentary elections. Then in 2014, AFD made it into the regional parliaments of three former East German regions: Brandeburg, Saxony and Thuringia.

PEGIDA cannot be simplistically dismissed as a “symptom of povery and fear” the way our scared Der Spiegel does. Where is the connection between the anti-NATO and pro-Russia placards with poverty and fear? There is non beyond lazy mass media cynicism.

PEGIDA, just like ADF, just like Die Linke at the other extreme of the spectrum, are symptoms of the German people's growing antagonism toward traitorous policy making.

The major parties all resemble one another; they care nothing for the popular will, necessities and the national interest which includes Germany's still cherished Christian identity.

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