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Germany Is Destroying Itself While NATO Promotes Aggression (Interview with Willy Wimmer)

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Germany is disassembling itself, says Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary of the CDU (German Christian Democratic Party) and its „conscience“. For 33 years Wimmer was a member of the Bundestag (German Federal Parliament). Now he is one of the harshest critics of Angela Merkel in Germany. These are excerpts from his recent interview with Markus Gärtner, where Wimmer talked about the recent statement of German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who slammed NATO for warmongering against Russia.

“Since 1949 there has been no government in Germany, that screwed up so badly, as it does these days. There are NATO-wars waged all around the world, through it the world has been introduced to the migration crisis. France is at the doorstep of a new revolution, the British imperialism implodes and reduces itself to England (…) NATO mutated from a defense alliance into a beast of aggression, stationed 150 km away from the Leningrad state in Russia. War is in the air. Steinmeier's statement is no more than a last stand-up within a party, that has brought back war to Europe together with the Clintons in 1999, issuing the attack of NATO on Belgrade, and sold out the soul of the Worker's party to the 2010 agenda (…) It is, however, a little bit cheap to make accusing statements about NATO-maneuvers against Russia while simultaneously launching German submarines into Swedish waters in order to make Swedes complain about Russians, because Sweden wants to make it into the NATO, too.”

“NATO has a clear combat mission at the moment and the scale of stirring up war particularly by General secretaries from Nordic and, supposedly, peace-loving countries, such as Denmark and Norway, is rather startling. Switzerland has been ago strongly advised to join NATO some weeks ago and Austria is being made into a paradise of electoral fraud in order to direct Austrian neutrality into the directives of NATO through a NATO-suiting presidential candidate. Sweden and Finland are under constant pressure to enqueue in the front-line against Russia, while in Eastern Europe impressions of an approaching war are being made. The Black Sea is meant to become a “wet grave” in NATO-plans (…) These plans are carried out, for not to go unnoticed by Moscow, around the 75th anniversary of Germany's assault on the Soviet Union on June 22nd.”

Considering the demonization of Russia and the mainstream media's role in the process, Wimmer states the following:

“This is a combat mission pure and simple, as it corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon propaganda against the German emperor Wilhelm II and the German empire to the begin of WWI. There is no diversity of opinion in Germany's mainstream media since the war in Yugoslavia and there's no pluralism, that existed within the people. It is being ordered from above what citizens have to think with the latter, if necessary, accused of being a pack of nationalists, if they refuse to take part in the modern German governmental totalitarianism”.

Having criticized German parliamentarian democracy in the past, he sees it as its own swansong today and worries about the fate of his country:

“Germany is destroying itself (…) There is neither freedom of opinion, nor freedom of thought. The legal system is being levered exclusively by the government and specific groups – they want to make a completely different country from what’s still left from Germany.

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Source: KOPP Online
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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