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Tabloid: Putin Will Organize Arab 'Sex Mobs' to Rig German Election

Infamous 'Jihadi Julian' says don't blame Merkel - Vladimir Putin is behind thousands of Muslim rapefugees ready to strike at the heart of Germany

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Apparently there are two things Vladimir Putin really, really hates. The first is puppies, the second -- Angela Merkel.

In 2007 the KGB sadist set his dog on Angela knowing that she suffers from a crippling fear of dogs. Now he is cooking up something even worse. 

According to the widely circulating German tabloid Bild and its irrepressible reporter Julian Roepcke (also known as "Jihadi Julian" on account of his sympathies in the Syrian war) Russian and Syrian secret services will be infiltrating Europe mixed with refugees then organizing them into "sex mobs" to discredit Chancerllor Angela Merkel.

Herr Jihadi wrote the following in an article headlined in German, "Putin's Huge Hybrid Attack on Parliamentary Elections 2017: Propaganda Campaign Includes Sex Mobs":

A component [of Putin's propaganda campaign] unknown until now has been revealed from the close cooperation of Russian, Syrian, and other secret services as well as Russian mafia said Russia expert Gustav Gressel (European Council on Foreign Relations).

"Part of the refugees from Iraq and Syria, even if a very small part, had connections to Assad's or Saddam Hussein's secret services."

These people could be selected from among intelligence agents or taken from mafia circles and utilized for disruptive actions, warned Gressel.

"What would happen for example, if at a summer festival before the election something similar repeats like in Cologne on new year's eve? What would be Merkel's standing then? What would be the consequenses for the parliamentary election? Naturally this is an extreme example, but it's within the realm of possibility," Gressel continued. 

Image icon arab sex mob cologne
Thousands of Putin's agents in Cologne on New Year's Eve 2016
So if Angela Merkel does end up being finally tossed out by German voters next year (given this would take one of the fringe parties gaining a majority of seats, highly unlikely) it won't be due to her opening up her country's borders to a massive invasion of millions of Arab and African Muslims, it will be due to a vast consipiracy of Russian, Syrian, Iraqi, and other intel agencies conspiring with the "Russian mafia" against her.

Wow, but it's alternative media sites like Russia Insider who are the purveyors of "fake news" and "conspiracy theories" -- don't forget that!

This effort by Putin to disrupt German "democracy" (*snigger*) would be even worse than Russia's alleged interference in the US presidential election by making sure voters knew the truth about Hillary Clinton's massive criminal history. Shame!

So German voters, take note - those extra 402,000 crimes including rape and murder committed by migrants have nothing to do with your beloved chancellor. It's all...because Putin. Enough said. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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