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What is Truth? Let's Ask Obama and Merkel

You may be surprised what the truth really means

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared at Allgemeine Morgenpost Rundschau. Translated from the German by Werner Schrimpf

The truth is on everyone’s lips today. Not necessarily the truth itself, but at least the concept of truth. According to various civil movements going on, the truth has lost its role in leading western mainstream media, especially leading media like the German state TV broadcaster “ZDF”. They've been stamped as “liar’s media”. In this context we asked some celebrities for their ideas on what is fact and what is fiction.


Mr. Claus Kleber is regarded as an extremely reputable anchorman at ZDF. What does he think about “truth”?

“Well, truth is a precious commodity which we have to defend every day by all means necessary – first and formost by means of lying. Especially the truth of the beloved U.S. government has to be protected and distributed with all available means, and I do my best at helping in this sense, regardless of how many people opposed to it. And so that I'm never wrong, I am proud to be a member of all pro-U.S. and Atlantic bridging clubs, NGOs and think tanks!”

[Translator’s note: Claus Kleber plays a leading role in various U.S. NGOs like „Atlantikbruecke“ and has the reputation of being the main propagandist for the German state TV broadcaster ZDF, for circulating transatlantic “values and concepts”]


Vitali Klitschko as a professional boxer who is used to taking blows:

“Well, one quite easily forgets what the truth looks like. It takes just an uppercut or a cross and yesterday's memory is gone. And apropos “cross”: the twisted cross you can see in Kiev is just a misunderstanding. Basically these symbols are used for international understanding. And the same is true for myself in my role as lord mayor of Kiev. I do my best to promote the guys from Right Sector and Svoboda as the real and only angels of peace on their mission in East Ukraine. You’re probably arguing now that that’s pretty steep? But I say it's the truth! And who is it right now? – Quite clearly it is the fellow with the bigger fists! Say no more!”


Mrs. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Republic of Germany:

“In my role as the highest ranking person in Germany I just continue my former role as “IM Erika”. And therefore it is inevitable to swindle. But ultimately I could not care less. The voter cannot rely on the promises given in advance of an election anyway. I just make a 180-degree turn and – what a surprise – everybody is standing behind me. Let me just say that cheating is trendy! The truth is overstated.”

[Translator’s note: Mrs. Merkel  worked in her early political life for the communist secret service (“Staatssicherheit”, abbreviated STASI) in East Germany as a so-called “informal member” (IM). She provided all kinds of info to the STASI but was not listed officially on the payroll. Her code name there was “Erika”]


Barack Obama, president of United Police States of America:

“Well, I am the most relaxed, coolest, and the most popular president the U.S. has ever seen. Just one word of criticism and I will bomb you back to Stone Age! Oops, that was a joke! Ha-ha! Of course I would never do such things. Or may be, I would….?

But nonsense, I am everybody’s darling! Hmm, I am not sure if the kids in Pakistan had the same thoughts before they were killed by the bombs I allowed to drop there. Of course freedom of opinion is valued highly! It is so important that we have to treat protesters with tasers and pepper spray. Okay, if you still haven't gotten the message I'll repeat for you again - just stay out of my business, ok?!”



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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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