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German FM Urges Trump to Preserve Arms Control With Russia With Der Spiegel Essay

The Europeans really hate this and they blame the US much more than the Russians

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has published an article in Der Spiegel magazine proposing a rethink of arms control measures to preserve peace in Europe. He points out that new technologies are being used to create weapons and that the line between nuclear and conventional weapons is becoming blurred, before going on to criticise the deployment of Russian missiles in Kaliningrad, although he does not provide any evidence to support his claim and admits that their deployment is not in violation of the INF Treaty.

The German foreign minister argues decisively in favour of the treaty being preserved, despite the US president’s recent public statement that he intends to withdraw from it. Maas believes that abandoning the INF Treaty would undo one of the greatest achievements in the area of disarmament. So, unlike the United States, Germany and its European allies will be pushing for it to remain in force, emphasises the foreign minister.

A key section of Heiko Maas’ article is his four-point proposal to strengthen international security.

He suggests a return to the practice of Europe, Russia and the US exchanging information on arms and arms control mechanisms; the establishment of a comprehensive regime of transparency for missiles and cruise missiles; China’s involvement for greater transparency in arms control matters; and the possible introduction of restrictions on high-speed strike systems and combat robots that could be used in military operations.

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The German foreign minister’s initiative shows that Europe is growing uneasy over the United States’ skewed military policy, which could once again lead to the threat of a nuclear missile stand-off in Europe as happened in the 1980s following the NATO Double-Track Decision taken in December 1979.

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