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Ganging Up On "God's Oligarch"

The western media is out to get Konstantin Malofeev. Why?

The dominant narrative about Konstantin Malofeev in Western media sources is that he’s what in the West would be called a "fundamentalist Christian" (not a term of endearment), and that further, he is a key ally of Putin (hardly a commendation as far as western media is concerned). Malofeev is demonised as “Putin’s ‘Soros’”, “Putin's ally”, “a fringe Orthodox Christian” and “God’s oligarch”. He's even been accused of having links to rebels in East Ukraine. But he's quite popular in Russia. So, what is the truth about Konstantin Malofeev? Is he really such a terrible man?

The key lie being told in the western media is that he is funding rebels in the Ukraine, an accusation he denies, and for which there is no evidence. It should be added that even if he was, would it be worse than the $5 billion paid by Washington (via NED) to fund the right-wing nationalists in Kiev prior to Maidan?

No, the problem with Malofeev, who calls himself an “Orthodox patriot”, is that not only is he a Russian patriot, but his Orthodox Christian beliefs don’t match the western narrative that “anything goes”. His views, in common with many in Russia who hold Orthodox beliefs, is that the west (the U.S. in particular) has become almost degenerate in the name of tolerance and so-called civil rights.

Malofeev says, “We saw all of this in the 1920s in the Soviet Union. We know how it starts when the protection of minorities becomes the policy of the state," referring to the hounding and demonization of small businesses in the U.S. for refusing to provide flowers and cakes for gay weddings and tear gas attacks against anti-gay marriage protesters in France. That people no longer have a right to abide by their own beliefs, even when running their own business could be seen as oppression of their rights, but not in the Western media.

The Jamestown Foundation, a Washington-based think tank, was originally founded for Soviet dissidents. Today, it focuses on issues involving Russia, with a decidedly anti-Russian view. They continually call Malofeev a “radical” and “fringe” and state that monarchist Orthodoxy is a fringe ideology. However, this shows a lack of understanding on their behalf, as the majority of traditional Russian Orthodox Christians are monarchists, and view it as the best form of government.

What can one say about Konstantin Malofeev in truth? He is a self-made business man, philanthropist, politician, family-man, and most importantly to him, a devout Orthodox Christian. He has co-founded an Orthodox school based on traditional family values and he started a charity for children with congenital heart defects.

According to Malofeev, “Just as Christians in the West in Ronald Reagan’s time helped us against the evil of communism, we now have to return our debt to Christians who are suffering under totalitarianism in the West. This so-called liberalism, tolerance, and freedom, these are just words, but behind them you can see the totalitarianism.” This is the discussion the Western media don’t want to have. They are taking any opportunity to denigrate a man, beloved in his homeland, who asks questions they don’t want to answer. In the absence of actual wrongdoing (or evidence) they seek to demonise him for taking a moral stance strongly disliked in the west.

Jared Sharp is an Orthodox Christian and Combat Veteran who served two tours in Iraq with the US Army as an Infantry Machine Gunner and Team Leader/Truck Commander. Between tours he completed a History degree, and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with intentions of becoming a teacher.


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