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Twilight Zone Reports: 'Putin Attacks Turkey'

German media is some of the worst in the Western world for getting objective information

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared at Sputnik Deutschland. Translated from the German by Susan Neumann.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan allows a Russian warplane to be shot down in Syrian territory — and what do the jihadist propagandizers in Berlin do? They name the Russian leader Vladimir Putin the aggressor.  

The Turkish Air Force has shot down a Russian fighter jet of the type SU-24, which was flying missions against terrorists in Syria. The machine descended over Syrian territory. Nobody is disputing these facts —  the only dispute comes from Ankara. The Turkish government claims that the Russian Sukhoi had, from the direction of Syria, violated the airspace of a NATO member country and — after ample warnings — practically had to be brought down in self-defense.  Moscow denies any breach of sovereignty.

Even when it’s internationally clear and incontrovertible, “when who was shot down and by whom”, none of this matters to the leading German media.

Hours after the attack, the public broadcaster ARD brazenly surmised at its web sites and in the radio news, where the Russian fighter was when it had had been shot down. All were in unison: “The Turkish Air Force has shot down a Russian military aircraft near the border of Syria."

Without a doubt, this takes the top spot in terms of misinformation. The website of the highly circulated tabloid reads in bold letters:  “Putin Attacks Turkey," along with the smaller non-informative  line, "fighter shot down at Syrian-Turkish border." With it a large picture of Putin next to a burning jet in freefall — the picture was subsequently withdrawn by the AFP, with the note that it did not show the actual incident. Not even a picture is worth a picture.

Photo and headline approached reality only after there were protests — and a public reprimand from the big boss Kai Diekmann himself: "Criticism Justified! Wrong Line!" One could then read: "Turkey shoots down Russian jet" and "Putin threatens Turkey," along with a quote from the Russian President: "They stabbed us in the back." The content of the text remained unchanged; that is, that terrorist-accomplice Turkey was transformed into the victim of a Russian airspace violation, and that the shooting was therefore a seemingly legitimate action.

The propaganda against
Russia has a long tradition at the Springer publishing house. In terms of the current Syria conflict, political editor Julian Röp(c)ke is among one of the most fervent and energetic propagandists in the country. Since 2011, he has twittered more than 64,000 short messages full of promotional material for the insurgents: photos, videos, self-incriminating writings, sometimes 50 bits of "news" each day and more. This news includes the bragging assertion from the terrorists on the day of the SU-24 shooting, that the Russian jet was hit by a ground-to-air missile. That would be a "dramatic turn," says the Bild-reporter with a heart for the Allahu Akbar warrior in Syria.

There’s a small exception. [You know] the ugly footage of the insurgents who, with their automatic rifles, fired on the defenseless Russian pilot as he was still hanging to his parachute?  Julian Röp(c)ke left those out. Ally war crimes don’t bode well for war propaganda.

In a discussion on RBB-Info Radio, the former German correspondent for the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera, Aktham Suliman was asked if he thought the world were different after the terror attacks and the subsequent state of emergency in Paris. He responded that the West, NATO that is, is still not clear on where the warfront is. Is the enemy of mankind actually the "Islamic State," or is it Russia? If it is the IS, as is commonly asserted, then why not fight together with Moscow?

It’s obvious. For NATO member Turkey, the enemy is not the Islamic State. The government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made this abundantly clear with the shooting of the SU-24. The question follows, are the other NATO members going to continue following the terrorist accomplice in Bosphorus?  Since the time of the swiftly convened special meeting of NATO members, nobody has — publicly  —  distanced themselves from the neo-Ottoman Sultan.

After the terror attacks in Paris with 130 dead, Gabor Steingart, the editor of the German economic newspaper Handelsblatt, ventured the following prognosis:

"The Russian leader Vladimir Putin is experiencing a reassessment these days. He flies heavy airstrikes in Syria on a daily basis. His friendship with the Syrian dictator Assad gives him the political backing to do this. Currently, Putin seems to be the only opponent that the Islamic State is really afraid of. One dares to say that the enemy of our enemy will soon be our new friend."

After the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit with the Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran, the head of Handelsblatt expressed himself this way: "We should assume that these two find the atrocities of Assad as repulsive as we do. However, — and here comes the difference with the West — they value the concept of order higher than that of freedom. One doesn’t have to agree with this assessment, but one should not automatically villainize it. Regime change followed by disorder often ends fatally for those affected — look at Egypt, Iraq and Libya. Realpolitik [pragmatic and nonideological politics] begins with the realization that sometimes there are no innocent decisions."

Steingart warned against German participation in the Paris campaign, "French President Hollande wants to involve the Germans more in his militarily-run anti-terror fight. The [German] federal government would be well-advised to refuse. The assassins of Paris were French and Belgians, not Syrians. Perhaps the West is not being attacked because it’s so great, but because its superiority complex has become so unbearable for those who live on the fringe. Perhaps the radicalized youth in the suburbs do not hate our values, but only our betrayal of theirs. Maybe our lifestyle doesn’t offend them; rather, they’re offended by their exclusion from it."

In the Bundestag, it is once again only The Left, who is warning of a further escalation of the Syrian war. Now would be the time to break the "cycle of war and terrorism," says the parliamentary leader Sahra Wagenknecht. "The Islamic state must be put out of commission primarily through a consistent crackdown on the arms shipments and their revenue stream. It’s a shame that to this day, and despite numerous announcements of Turkey closing the border, it is still pending. The IS continues to receive a non-stop supply of jihadists and weapons ."  The Left Party politician said this just two days before Ankara's decision to act as the air force for the anti-Syrian jihadists.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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