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Jailed Ukrainian Journalist Kotsaba Warns Stalinism Back in Fashion in Ukraine

Seeing that he himself has been arrested and is being detained awaiting trial for treason for having spoken against mobilization, it would seem he has a point

This article originally appeared at Novorossia Today

On April, 6 the preparatory hearing in the case of Ruslan Kotsaba, the journalist who was charged with treason, took place in Ivano-Frankivsk, a regional capital in Western Ukraine.

Well-known politician Tetyana Montyan was one of his defendants. She arrived to the court room in the company of journalist Dmytro Filimonov from the Kharkov 17th TV channel.

Ruslan Kotsba made several announcements before the start of the court hearing.

Particularly, Ruslan Kotsaba accused Security Service of Ukraine of bugging citizens of Ukraine, and advised the journalists present in the courtroom to change their telephone numbers. He also thanked the representatives of media for having arrived in spite of the pressure of the authorities and the ban imposed by editors-in-chief.

Kotsaba claimed that Stalinist repressions had returned to Ukraine and warned the public that they would be the next ones to be subjected to the repressions. He also insisted that the conflict in the East of the country can be settled only in the peaceful way and stressed that the leaders of the biggest European countries share the opinion with him.

Kotsaba said he would not plea guilty. “The war in Ukraine is a civil war and there are no Russian troops in Donbass”, said the journalist.

Kotsaba called Ukrainian Church crazy, because it was raising funds for Ukrainian Army.

The court ruled to leave Kotsaba in custody.

The next court hearing was appointed for April 16.

Be reminded, that Amnesty International has declared Ruslan Kotsaba a prisoner of conscience

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