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The Future Russia Doesn't Want: 14 Percent (!) of Young People in Spain Now 'Identify' as LGBT

Sheds a whole new light on Russia's ban on promotion of LGBT lifestyles

Spaniards under 30 are apparently gayer than were pagan Greeks. Brits, Germans, and even Poles (!) are not far behind:

Perhaps celebrating homosexuality as the epitome of trendiness and morality wasn't such a great idea after all? Far better of Russia to go the other way.

Something on the numbers, from the poll makers:

First, our survey is representative for ages 14-65, while Gallup’s is for ages 18 and over; and because young people are more likely to identify as LGBTQ, our overall number is higher.

Second, the much larger sample size in Europe (11.282 respondents) means that the margin of error in the EU is smaller than in the US (1.052 respondents) : +/-1.1%in the EU and +/-3.2% in the U.S. Therefore, the amount of Americans who identify as LGBTQ could be anywhere from 8.9% to 15.3%. This could also explain why the US survey results are much larger than our European results.

Third, our surveys are conducted privately through mobile phones, which gives respondents more anonymity than face-to-face surveys or telephone interviews (which Gallup used to conduct its survey). Lowering social pressures and increasing privacy in how surveys are conducted might lead respondents to being less guarded and more honest with the answers they provide.

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BTW, if homosexuality was "genetic" as it's claimed by proponents, wouldn't you expect its prevalence to be roughly similar across nations and generations? (Not to mention in such a case it would be quickly bred out.) Well according to data that's simply not the case -- where it's celebrated there's more of it, where it isn't, there's less.

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