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FUNNY: Watch Bill Maher and Guest, Both Jewish, Explain That 'Rising Anti-Semitism' Has Nothing to do With Jewish Behavior

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The author is a German finance professional who specializes in the software industry. He was born and raised in Munich, Bavaria, where he currently resides. He writes on Jewish issues in the German alt-media, and is always unfailingly polite. His English is not native, but we think he does pretty well.

I must say, here in Europe we have nothing on TV as funny and entertaining as in America.

In my home country of Germany people are regularly sent to prison for saying publicly they do not believe the official Holocaust story, presumably because there is no other way to defend that story than to imprison people who question it. My point is, saying funny things about Jews on national TV is strictly verboten.

Bill Maher often goes out of his way to say he was 'raised Catholic', which may or may not be true, but he certainly looks and acts very Jewish, right down to his obsessive Christ-bashing and potty-mouth humor, so, I think one should assume he probably is. Why does this man try so hard to deny his obvously Jewish heritage?

This is an absolute gem of self-denial, two powerful Jews in Hollywood explaining to their mostly non-Jewish audience that anti-semitism is a 'conspiracy theory', a 'thought-virus', and just pops up for no reason when societies are 'dying', and a bunch of other great insights that explain everything. Thanks Bill, we're relieved you cleared this up.

I think if this is how American Jews are going to lecture others about anti-semitism, then they will just provoke a lot of questions and subsequent googling and red-pilling, and anti-semitism will keep rising.

Judging from the comments and votes of the video, Bill's public, a very liberal and gullible group to begin with, are not buying what he is trying to sell.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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