Spring Fund Drive
goal: $30,000
Given so far: $16,940
Days left: 10
Pledge goal: $300,000 (What's this?)
Pledged: $11,200

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Full reporting on donations

Total transparency:  Each month we'll report on how much we took in in crowdfunding and donations, and what we spent it on.  We'll show you:

  • How much we paid out to journalists
  • How many articles we paid for with those funds
  • What we wrote about
  • How many people saw the articles

We want you to get the most bang for your buck

Our idea is simple.  Everything we collect via crowdfunding or donations goes only into creating content.  

We can figure out how to make enough money on advertising and other revenue to cover the overhead of the site.

We got started on a shoestring, and are able to do a lot with very little.  We've got it to an art form.  Whatever you donate will go along way.

Speaking of pinching pennies, check out our page about how the cheap ruble helps RI!