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France Wants to Join Forces With Russia to Curb-Stomp ISIS

In an online poll conducted by center-Right French newspaper Le Figaro, 92% of respondents said they wanted Russia to be part of the west's anti-ISIS coalition

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

One of Russia Insider's most insightful contributors, Dr. Gilbert Doctorow, wrote in this morning with an astonishing statistic: 

In answer to the question “Do you favor enlargement of the coalition against Daesh to include Russia?” featured in the online edition of the center-Right French newspaper Le Figaro, at 8.00 CET Wednesday, 18 November, 55,638 respondents voted as follows: Yes:  92%; No: 8%

Yes, it's "only" an online poll, but Doctorow explains why we should pay attention to these numbers: 

<figcaption>Game on.</figcaption>
Game on.

1)  55,000 + visitor votes is enormous

2) the lopsided 92% for vs 8% against is approximately Putin's approval record among the Russian polls -  but this is France, with its hundreds of cheeses and many more opinions!
3)  Western Europe has no leaders only followers, Hollande and Merkel both being examples of heads of state who rule by polls.
The unequivocal statement in Figaro from the Establishment heartland is something no one can ignore.  It heralds a 180 degree about face on Russia in France, surely to be followed by the EU as a whole
Whether, when sanctions will go is another story.  Russia is not terribly keen for them to go at the moment.  Opening the credit lines, yes.  But Russia's new protectionist policy needs several years.
Doctorow also translated the accompanying article from Le Figaro's website: 

Hollande and Putin are drawing closer together to fight Daesh

The French President will meet Obama on 24 November, then his Russian counterpart two days later to try to form a single anti-Islamic State coalition. After years of stalement, sometimes it takes a single event to set off an abrupt acceleration of history and change the course of a war.  Only four days after the attacks in Paris, France and Russia, embroiled in the conflict in Ukraine for more than a year and a half, have put their disputes to one side in the name of the fight against Daesh.  Vladimir Poutine did not wait 24 hours to respond, at least symbolically, to the proposal of  François Hollande to put together a single grand coalition to defeat the Jihadists. The Russian President, who will receive François Hollande in Moscow on 26 November, has ordered his navy in the Mediterranean to “cooperate with the Allies and enter “into contact” with the aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle, which is expected to reach the region on Thursday. At the conclusion of a telephone conversation on Tuesday, the two Presidents spoke of a “closer coordination” between their intelligence services. Well then..

That the French are eager to join forces with Russia shouldn't come as a great surprise, though. For many in France, Russia is considered a cultural and political ally. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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