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Latest 'Freedom House' Report Unashamedly Praises Ukraine's Media Freedom

Freedom House (US NGO), in its latest report 'Freedom of the Press 2015', unashamedly praises Kiev regime's press freedom record despite a series of journalist' murders

This article originally appeared at The Unz Review

Just in case you needed any more evidence Freedom House are complete, utter prostitutes.

<figcaption>Unshamedly offed Oles Buzina</figcaption>
Unshamedly offed Oles Buzina

Ukraine has been upgraded to Partly Free, after falling badly under the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych.  The report specifically relates the improvement to “decreases in political pressure on state media and hostility toward independent voices”.  Russia on the other hand “tightened its grip on the media, suppressing independent reporting and deploying state-controlled outlets to attack domestic dissent and perceived foreign adversaries.”

This is about a country where journalists speaking out against mobilization are getting arrested, anti-regime sites get taken down by the secret services, far right thugs raid leftist and anti-Maidan newspapers, and an officially sanctioned website lists the names and addresses of anti-regime “terrorists and propagandists,” who are steadily committing “suicide” or getting openly and unshamedly offed, like the late Oles Buzina.

You can read the whole report here.

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