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France Whines That Russia-Backed Syria Offensive Risks ‘Scattering Terrorists’ Abroad

So let us get that straight, Paris admits these guys are terrorists, but still threatens Syria with bombing if she goes after them

This is hilarious. France is threatening to bomb Syria over its upcoming offensive into al-Qaeda-held Idlib province, while at the same expressing concern some of those terrorists might find their way back to France. We're reaching unmatched levels of hypocrisy here.

Paris is already concerned about a very minor potential terrorist threat, yet Syria is not allowed to confront a far larger already existing terrorist threat on its soil, or else France threatens to bomb it.

To make things still more insane France did plenty to bring about this terrorist threat in Syria in the first place. Thus what Paris is really whining about now is that a very small fraction of what it inflicted on Syria, might now turn around and threaten France.

In comments to French television, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned that his government is concerned by the Syrian military’s offensive in Idlib Province, fearing it would scatter foreign militants across the world, potentially causing serious security concerns for the West.

Le Drian says France believes there are “dozens of French fighters” aligned with al-Qaeda and other factions in Idlib. The assumption is that when the offensive begins, many will flee abroad, potentially returning to France and other EU countries.

This is a familiar concern for the West, as France and other nations expressed similar concerns during the early anti-ISIS offensive, with huge numbers of Western recruits in ISIS. Other groups don’t have near the size of foreign fighters, but there are some.

It is interesting that French officials are using this to argue against the offensive against al-Qaeda-dominated Idlib, when there was little real push against the US-backed offensive against ISIS elsewhere in Syria, even though ISIS had a much larger number of such fighters to be scattered.

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