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Poroshenko Says Draftees Ready to Fight/Be Turned Into Hamburger Meat

Isn't it nice when old rich people send the young off to die? 

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This article originally appeared at Yurasumy's Blog.  It was translated from Russian by Kristina Rus at Fort Russ

Following the visit of Poroshenko to the landfill near Nikolayev.

<figcaption>The Ukrainian army today is one of the most battle-ready</figcaption>
The Ukrainian army today is one of the most battle-ready

Poroshenko visited in Nikolayevshchina (Nkolaev region), where he watched UAF exercises:

The Ukrainian army today is one of the most battle-ready, said President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko during his visit to the Nikolaev region, reported the press-service of the head of state. 

"The lion's share of military personnel is from the fourth wave of mobilization. Look what a high level was achieved in just two months", - said Poroshenko. 

"We are preparing for the defense of our country. On the territory of Ukraine there is now an aggressor, the enemy and we must do everything possible on our end in order to ensure effective defense. Those who participated in these exercises clearly demonstrated a high level ... the Ukrainian army today is one of the most battle-ready," concluded the President. 

A basic report which is notable for three interesting points:

"The Ukrainian army is today one of the most battle-ready"

Apparently it is supposed to sound like a threat, but those who were assessing UAF in the summer of 2014 and today will say that now we see only pitiful remnants of what was once - the armed forces. Equipment, morale, procurement - everything fell so low that it cannot be compensated by any  increase in numbers. And whoever claims that the UAF is one of the most powerful armed forces (even in Europe) is either a liar or an optimist.

"The lion's share of military personnel is from the fourth wave of mobilization"

Seems like these were the final exercises, which means that in a few weeks the fourth wave will be at the front. Practically the military off season will be over. Wounds licked. But according to reports the army of the summer of 2015 will be even less morally fit than the army of the winter 2014-2015. It appears that by this time all the units of NAF will also be prepared. And the war will become possible.

"We are preparing for the defense of our country". 

The campaign has been proclaimed. In the summer Poroshenko spoke about the restoration of constitutional order. Now about defense. Actually, all the recent reforms of UAF point to preparations for defense.


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MORE: Ukraine

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