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Former Senior CIA analyst Ray McGovern: Obama Scared of CIA and NSA

Let's just hope there are still people like Ray McGovern in these agencies

This interview of former senior CIA analyst Ray McGovern is not only interesting but inspiring as well.

McGovern, in addition to routinely presenting the President with his morning intelligence briefings during his 27 years with the CIA, chaired the National Intelligence Estimates. So he was by no means inconsequential.

<figcaption>The "Commander-in-Chief". Make one wrong move...</figcaption>
The "Commander-in-Chief". Make one wrong move...

After retiring, the Agency awarded him its Intelligence Commendation Medal. But as a measure of McGovern’s character, he explains in this interview why he felt he had to return that medal.

McGovern instils hope that there are good people such as him in such organizations, in spite of these organizations seeming to have become drunk on their power.

In fact, so out of control have they become, McGovern suggests, that Obama is likely afraid of the CIA and the NSA and so won’t rein them in, Obama explaining to close supporters some years back that he was afraid of having what happened to Martin Luther King happen to him.

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