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Former CIA Director: Our Syria Policy Has Failed, It's Time to Work With Russia

Michael Morell is a shady dude. But at least he recognizes that America's policy in Syria isn't working — and cooperating with Russia is the best way forward

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To avoid any misunderstanding, let's just get this out of the way: There's no such thing as a "renegade former CIA director." These gentlemen are part of the shadow government until they're six feet under. These guys never leave "public service". Actually, retired high-level CIA spooks serve a very important role: As former alphabet soup agency men, they qualify as the perfect "television experts", hopping from one corporate-controlled network to the next while regurgitating the latest talking points from Langley.

Former CIA director Michael Morell is no different. This miserable sack of skin claims that Snowden is responsible for the recent Paris attacks. He was also instrumental in obscuring what actually happened "in Benghazi" (which is a fake scandal to cover for the real scandal, "we destroyed Libya for no reason whatsoever and should all be put against a wall and shot.") And, of course, Mike is constantly trying to scare America with bogeyman stories about ISIS blowing up your local Burger King. 

<figcaption>Still a scumbag, though.</figcaption>
Still a scumbag, though.

So when Michael Morell says that Washington's Syria policy hasn't panned out — we should all listen. Because it means that this is now an Official Talking Point of the CIA. And his comments about working with Russia to defeat ISIS? This is not insignificant. Watch for yourself: 


Of course, Morell is still a shadow government scumbag, but that's precisely the point: Apparently, powerful people now want you to see Russia as a (probably short-term) partner. 

The west is abandoning the bullshit that it's been peddling since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011. That's significant. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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