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Forever Alone President: Trump’s White Support Collapses by Double Digits (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

From Dissident-Mag:

After years of big talk on issues important to white voters, from immigration restriction, bringing jobs back to the U.S., rejuvenating manufacturing, fighting for the working class, rebuilding America’s infrastructure, bringing the troops home, to ending the heroin epidemic; with Trump robbed of his superficially prosperous economy, the only “achievements” Trump can point to are tax cuts for billionaires, letting blacks out of prison, and Israel, Israel, Israel. With the 2020 election just a few months away, Trump’s white support is collapsing and the big bag of tricks that worked in 2016 is showing signs of hitting rock bottom.

In this clip, Jazz and James discuss Trump’s flagging white base and the death of conservatism.

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This is why they're playing this game with the Insurrection Act. And they're playing the game with the Bible, clearing the way for Trump to go to St. John's Church there, which is the president's. Churches where they do the National Prayer Breakfast, it's like an Episcopal church that, as far as I know most of the time is just full of black people. It's not where the president goes to church. It's where I'm sure some presidents have gone to church.

But, yeah, I mean, this whole thing with the Bible and the photo op and everything else, part of it was to make people think that, yeah, like things are under control. Look at me.

I can walk across the street and go to this church. But it was also about this outreach to mobilizing his conservative voters of faith because he has shed them in large numbers. And so this is, you know, why is Trump doing and saying all these things? Well, because this president, his presidency is actually dropping like a rock five to 10 points under water in key battleground states. We've talked about that a lot. But the biggest kicker is that his white support is just evaporating in the in in 2016. He won 81 percent of the white evangelical Protestant voters in the election.

Trump's 2020 election effort has already created at least two campaign advisory boards, specifically aimed at shoring up support among Christians. Evangelicals for Trump launched January 3rd. Catholics for Trump on April 2nd. A series of recent polls show the president losing ground among Christian voters that have triggered alarm bells within the Trump 2020 campaign. Christians have long been a pillar of Trump's base. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They make up a large slice of the U.S. electric. But roughly one quarter of all voters in 2016 are white evangelical Christians. Jesus Christ, dude. The Plague of Zion shills in this country is just unreal. It's out. Pulls an arrow. Got it. But like one quarter of the country are just like printed on their forehands, stamped on their forehead. I'm a Shabbos, so I'll be able to tell us. I understand that there are people that are evangelical Christians who aren't onboard with the Zionism stuff. But what is the percentage Shame's would you think it is? Ninety five percent. And then you have then you have true news and that's it like.


Well, yeah. And it's likely to to be to remain high as well because young people and that has been showing this for a long time. Young people are leaving the churches, young people. The data, the data that that or you look at the data and see what you find, it's. Yeah. Young people are leaving the church. So young people that might be might not be on board with Zionism or Israel in that. And and are more in line with us politically. Most of them. And this is what we've heard anecdotally as well. Most of them have left the church. A lot of times because of the gay politics that go along with the evangelical church scene.

Was I going to say, oh, yes. So well, let's get down into the guts of this. The other reason why this is a problem is that Trump, you know, yeah, he's delivered things for Israel. And it's gonna be a thing that keeps a lot of these people around, if for no other reason, which is important. These people say, well, you know, at least in they'll also do the bidding. At least it's not Biden, but it's much easier to do. It's much harder to do the at least it's not Biden for these people than it was to do the at least it's not Hillary, because in their view, at least according to polls, Biden is a is a better candidate and he's more popular with white working class voters. People who have reliably voted Republican like evangelical Christians. So you may have some because you do have a liberal wing of evangelical Christianity who do call out the president for a lot of this stuff to make it seem like he's lost all support with evangelicals when in reality it's split. And Trump can't afford to have this group split like he can't afford to lose a single white vote. And again, this is coming from this perspective of this is a guy who wants to win so that he can do more Zionism. They can't just press a button and make it happen like the guy actually has to have support. You know, if they ran somebody with five percent approval, they can't just, like, swing the election for that person. They have to have some tangible level of support. And he's losing it with white people. And so here here are the stats. And so this is according to some recent polling.

Oh, let's see. The polls plant paint a bleak picture for Trump, who is counted on broadening his religious support by at least a few percentage points. I would argue that it's like the high watermark was 2016. The only way that you made that high watermark even higher was brown removal from the country. Build a wall. Deport them all. Shut down the border. And then then you have a better hope of winning in 2020. You're not going to expand your base. Two other realms, the white people who were going to vote for you voted for you. And that was the moment that mattered. And so one GOP official said the dip in presidents in the president's evangelical support also appeared in internal party polling, but disputed the notion that it had caused panic. Sure. Another person close to the campaign described in April survey by the Public Religion Research Institute p r i. You've probably seen that acronym with a poll which showed a double digit decline. Double digit decline in Trump's favorability among white evangelicals, minus eleven white Catholics, minus 12 white mainline pot Protestants, minus 18 from the previous month. So from March. That's not from 2016 to 2020. That's from March to April and then into May. And so the same Republicans said that it's pretty concerning. Yeah, I would think so. Yeah. Having like just having people run out the door. I mean, because white evangelicals have held on the strongest, but even minus eleven is insane. White Catholics minus 12, white mainline Protestants, they're just I mean, that's basically like white people. These are just like white Christians, people who say I'm Christian, minus 18.

People are just to give up this guy. That's 18 percentage points of. Yes, fuck this guy.

Yeah. And this is not a population that is intensely motivated by getting things for Israel, nor will they be satisfied with the move to Jerusalem as being the crowning achievement. These are people that that for them, like their faith is important. But oftentimes it's it takes a backseat to economic conditions and immigration and other issues in order.

Like, how about just like not on fire?

Like, that's that's a political platform. Like I want fires put out. That's all I care about.

So, yeah, well, and they're not getting. They're definitely not getting that now, are they? Everything's on fire.

The world is burning and it's burning because Jews wanted to burn as hot and as long as possible. And so, yeah, Lowe's disapproval of any president at this point in the first term, no other world approval. Lowest disapproval. Oh, sorry.

Those disapproval. Yes. Highest disapproval. Lowest approval. Disapproval out 54 percent. Approval at 42. And it's been a lot as of April.

It's been a long day. Highest disapproval. Lowest approval. Thirty nine percent approval. So he's down into the 30s. Fifty four percent disapproval. And so that's across the board. So people are like, oh, herder, you believe bulls now is Ipsus you, guv? Morning Council. These are is an average of all polls. Pick your number. Thirty nine, 42, 43. Down into the 30s for approval and disapproval. Fifty six. Fifty five. Fifty four. Guys under water by 12 points.

Just do it. I think the days remember the days of like two things that have been dropped since Corona virus one, the big lake, lowest black unemployment graphs and two, the big graphs the Trump campaign would put out, not even graphs. The image of him at a rally is like a third of the image and and the other two thirds is a black background with like a big Reuters 50 percent approval. Again, we're not seeing that anymore.

Yeah. You're not going to see that anymore. And look, you know this guy, he if he wanted to win. See, that's how you know that that a lot of this is fake and gay because that it's that it's an op that he can't do the things they've boxed him in. Right. Like he delivered the tax cuts for them. He delivered the Zionism for them, but he didn't deliver anything tangible for his base. So the base is saying, fuck you. Steve King lost his primary yesterday. Jeff Sessions is not going to be another U.S. senator. I hope I hope maybe he'd he pulls it out, but I don't see that that's happening. They don't want these people in anymore. If Donald Trump came out like he's flailing his arms around and having Mark Esper, you know, clear the streets so that he can go do a photo op with a fucking Bible, when when that actually made his presidency even more of a mockery like that was so bad. I mean, imagine being boxed in in this way where you're not. It went in.

It's boxed in and in some ways by your own policies and your own sort of political beliefs and your own alliances and your own Zionism that Trump espouses because he could easily go out and do the Insurrection Act and be at 50 percent approval. He could put this stuff down very easily. And if you got actual numbers, not Reuters Ipsos, they would say, oh, yeah. Now he's at 27 percent. Does Insurrection Act. Meanwhile, most of the country is sick. Yeah, this is great. Thank God. Finally, what took it so long? And yeah. So but if he came out and defended Steve King, if he came out and defended Jeff Sessions, all these things would be very, very positive developments for white people. It would give whites something to feel positive about. In some ways, I'm glad he isn't because it makes our job easier. And I don't care if my job's hard or my job's easy. Well, sticking to my job, I'm still going to tell people what with what I think the truth is about this stuff. But it's a lot easier when he just abandons all of these battle stations. He always it's it's his constantly abandoning the field of battle. He knows, as many have said, he's the guy who picks the bar fight and goes out the back door. I mean, that's exactly what he's doing. I mean, he he he got Steve King excited for, you know, for fighting for Western civilization or something and just abandoned him. Jeff Sessions made made him the A.G., his dream job and then just shadow over the guy. So it's it's. Yeah.

It's even worse than starting the bar fight and then running out the back door. He's starting the bar fight. And then while you're fighting the guy who started the fight with, he's grabbing the bar stool and cracking you over the back of the head with.

Yeah, let's see. That's what he's done. The sessions and kicking. That's an even better one.

Now, I will say that because of King's involvement in, you know, with what's his name, Geir wielders. And, you know, his the time that he spent in Eastern Europe and, you know, shoring up the the international populism scene. King is just. I mean, these Jewish groups that came out against him supported him two or three years ago, like the Republican Jewish Coalition, all these groups that said, oh, God, we're going to primary Stephen King now. And they did. And they won. We're going to destroy Steve King. There is one article in the Times of Israel called Just imagine this. You want order. You wonder how much these people hate you. Jewish Republicans ask, how do you solve a problem like Steve King? What are we going to do about this fucking white guy? That was May 22nd. This they had to get rid of this guy because this guy was killed, first of all, he was still doing the bit when the time to put all that rhetoric away was had long since passed. Steve King is still doing this stuff in 2018, 2019. But he's just, you know, don't feel too bad about Steve King because he is just another component of that fake and gay nationalism that they've been doing. That's why he is connected to get wielders. It's why he spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe. It's all part of the same thing. He just didn't want to stop doing the bit. You know, the time to the time to go home was in 2018 with all that rhetoric. And Steve King was still saying, well, what's wrong with white supremacy? What's wrong with white nationalism? There's nothing wrong with those things. It's like guy. Did did we not tell you what the shot is here, guy? It's like, all right. Well, Republican Jewish Coalition is going to tell you what the shot is. You lose. You're done. You're finished. Your your hundred. Yeah. Yeah. Good.

Well, as you say, this is a good lesson to that, that no matter how, like the Republican immune system is so strong that even if you're a guy who won, I mean, this guy was was pretty ensconced in GOP leadership before he started making the move was making a few years ago. What was he like, number four in the house or something like just a few seats behind Scalisi Slicky, in terms of House leadership. This was a this was an established, dare I say, serious guy. And no matter like all of those connections, you didn't didn't get him anything. Right. And so the idea that there is a prospect to be an upstart to to win a House seat and, you know, people had this thinking and it was well-founded at the time because the thought was and we've talked about this before, the thought was that Trump would be leading this reformation of the party. No. I mean, there's there's no opening, whether you're talking about a a House seat or a PCOS, lot like the Republican immune system is so strong that people who who are agitating or or, you know, make even talking the talk in the right direction, much less actually doing anything that would be beneficial for whites. You will be found out and drummed out of the party like Steve King just was.

Yeah, you'll be finished and the entire GOP will rally to remove you. I mean, you had Bob Vander Plaats, who is this GOP political kingmaker in western Iowa, who is a social conservative. He's against gay marriage. He's against abortion. And look how that guy flipped. He backed Finisterra in Phoenix stre and actually went out and did commercials on his behalf. He he endorsed Steve King for a long time. He believes he's one of King's staunchest allies. And, you know, he he said that King's no longer effective in Washington. And, you know, this is one of the weak points that that we said that was that they were going to use against him and that when he called the shots that would allow social conservatives to to go against King, it's like, well, he lost his committee appointments and, you know, he can't really do anything. And now Clete King claimed at a candidate forum that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy promised his time for exoneration would come. But see, that's the thing with King. It's like he if you read articles about the primary itself and you followed it at all. He was notoriously quiet throughout the whole thing. So when you factor all this this stuff in and you look at, yeah, he is part of this whole, like, fake nationalism garbage.

And he didn't defend himself just like Sessions doesn't defend himself. I really don't feel that bad. And the idea that Kevin McCarthy promised time for exoneration. No, Kevin Kevin Bright told him that. But there is not going to be an exoneration. Kevin knew what the shot is. Kevin knew that this guy was going down. And there's really nothing he could do about it. There were. I mean, King had just three hundred thousand dollars and millions of dollars poured into that race. I mean, I was just over. Just never going to happen. And they use the excuse like, well, King had such a close race last time. So we don't want to lose this seat to a demon rat. So we got to put somebody in there who can win. And of course, all the people in King's district, too. Up until recently, King won by 70 points. I mean, these people supported him. Look, they just they just blew the other way. These people, you know, they just got screwed. And, yes, it's pretty much that's pretty much the end of King. But I don't I don't really feel that bad about it because the guy was part of an op. Whether fully, wittingly, part of it or not.

But. He was very pro-Israel. He had a lot of support from these groups. And I don't I'm not shedding that many tears. It's like this is what happens. Guy.

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