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Ford Has No Plans to Cut Investment in Russia

Future of the Russian-American joint venture Ford Sollers is safe

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YELABUGA, April 21, (TASS) - US auto giant Ford has no plans to cut investments in the production of new car models or its engine plant in Russia, Russian-American joint venture Ford Sollers President Ted Cannis said on Tuesday.

Cannis made this statement after Ford Sollers launched full-cycle output of Ford Transit minivans in the Alabuga special economic zone of Russia’s Volga Republic of Tatarstan. The Ford Sollers facility will produce 85,000 vehicles annually.

The facility’s entire work will be focused on adapting the output to the general demand in the Russian auto industry, Cannis said.

Ford has been producing cars in Russia for 13 years both on its own and jointly with the Russian auto maker Sollers.

Ford originally planned to produce the basic range of its vehicles in Russia to comprise cars, SUVs, offroaders and also commercial vehicles and is confident of this plan today, Cannis said.

Russia remains a major European auto market even in hard economic times, the Ford Sollers president said.

Ford Sollers was established in October 2011 between Ford Motor Company and Russia’s Sollers auto producer on an equal footing.

In Tatarstan, Ford Sollers produces six out of eight Ford models assembled in the country.

Ford Sollers plans to launch an engine plant in the Alabuga special economic zone in December 2015.

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MORE: Business

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