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Hillary Clinton Is Lying About Her Health — Again

First it was allergies. Then it was overheating. Now it's pneumonia. Sorry if we're skeptical?

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After "overheating", and then enjoying a photo-op with a young girl who miraculously out-witted the Secret Service, Hillary Clinton has finally come clean: She has pneumonia. Case closed. (And don't worry, she's feeling "great", according to Reuters ... which is why she canceled her trip to California today.)

First it was allergies. Then it was overheating. Now it's pneumonia. Sorry if we're skeptical?

<figcaption>Life through 'pneumonia'-tinted glasses</figcaption>
Life through 'pneumonia'-tinted glasses

Does pneumonia really explain the fact that she was literally dragged into her Secret Service van? Does it explain Hillary's penchant for "freezing up" during public appearances? Or the fact that it's been 282 days since her last press conference? Does it explain why her staffers researched medication used to combat the debilitating effects of Parkinson's disease?

In a video posted on August 29, Dr. Ted Noel, a physician with 36 years of experience, made a compelling case that Hillary Clinton is likely suffering from Parkinson's. He even suggested that Clinton has contracted pneumonia as a result of her illness. His analysis was made more than a week before she "overheated":


Hillary Clinton is lying about her health — again. She probably does have pneumonia, of course — as Dr. Noel explains, many who suffer from Parkinson's end up contracting pneumonia. Remember: He made this observation more than a week before Clinton's personal physician announced that contrary to previous statements, the former Secretary of State was not in "perfect health."

And now we're being told that Clinton contracted pneumonia from her sickly staffers. You can't make this stuff up:

“Everyone’s been sick,” a campaign source told the publication.

The source said pneumonia cases began popping up among Clinton's staff in late August, two weeks before the former first lady’s diagnosis. Among those affected were campaign aides who travel closely with Clinton.

Yes. Anonymous Clinton staffers just confirmed that it's their fault that Clinton is sick. Q.E.D.

Meanwhile, MSNBC's David Shuster reports that "operatives in the Democratic Party have told [me] an emergency meeting by the Democratic National Committee is being considered to replace presidential nominee Hillary Clinton".

But don't get carried away. The Huffington Post's "women" section can debunk any and all evil conspiracy theories you might have about Hillary Clinton's health. She had allergies. Then she overheated. Now she has pneumonia. Any questions?

The truth is, we welcome this pneumonia announcement. You can't hide deteriorating health forever. In two weeks the house of cards falls.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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