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Finland Grants "Night Wolves" Passage

Finnish authorities have granted bikers from the group "Night Wolves" access across their borders in accordance with "the General rules of the EU". 

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In news from Interfax, Finland border security has allowed members of the Russian club of bikers "Night Wolves" entrance on new Schengen visas issued by Germany. Finland’s Minister of internal Affairs Paivi Rasasen told reporters the decision was made purely as a matter of regulations.

Members of the highly publicized Russian biker group were allowed to pass on the basis of the Schengen laws and regulations, according to the Finnish interior ministry. In an interview yesterday, Rasasen said,

<figcaption>Night Wolves mounting up (Via TASS)</figcaption>
Night Wolves mounting up (Via TASS)

"This is a procedural decision, they had nothing to do with political. There is no reason for gratitude. Finland follows the General rules of the EU common border rules and cooperates with other EU member States."

Also in the report, the head of the Night Wolves Alexander Zaldostanov reportedly thanked Finnish authorities for allowing members to pass. At this, the Finland authorities pointed out that the bikers let through were not among motorcyclists previously barred from Poland. Rasasen went on to say, "If they were not allowed in Poland, they could not get into other Schengen countries.” The minister also noted that there is no reason for gratitude on the part of the leader of Night Wolves.

Earlier in the week Germany barred from entry into its territory three representatives of the Russian motorcyclists. Moscow has demanded explanations from Berlin on that account already. The group “Motocross” has tried to synchronize their ride with the Victory Day festivities in Moscow on May 9th. The plan was to hold the ride across countries liberated by Soviet forces in World War II in between April 25 and the May 9 Victory Day of celebration. On the Poland issue, the Russian Foreign Ministry made a presentation to the Ambassador of Poland in Russia and stated that it would "expect exhaustive explanations in connection with the unjustified and provocative actions of Warsaw".

However, German authorities revoked the visas, citing  "incorrect data" and the "potential risk of breach of public order and security in Germany" as causes. Poland also refused entry to the group once they had traversed Belarus to the Polish border. Alexander "Surgeon" Zaldostanov went on to say that members of the motorcycle club with valid visas will pass along the planned route. Lithuania also refused entry to several of the bikers, but conflicting reports put elements of the Night Wolves having been joined by Slovakian and Hungarian bikers, heading through the Czech Republic.


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