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Film Proves Swedish 'Rape' Charges Against Assange Are a US Plot

Introductory Note by Richard Galustian

This link to an Australian TV documentary proves, to anyone with a brain watching it, that the rape charges in Sweden against Julian Assange are a total construct of ‘the US Government’; a lie; a conspiracy to ensnare Assange and get the Swedish Government to allow his extradition to the US. 

There is no doubt whatsoever of the injustice and persecution of Assange by the world’s only hyper power, America, because Assange published details of US war crimes and corruption.

Its that simple!

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Being forced to seek refuge in an Embassy in London is a disgrace for Britain, a country with a long tradition of fair play and justice.

If, after watching this documentary, you believe anything else, you are easy pliable fodder for manipulation by what has become, totalitarian States. It means you never read and understood the writings of Aldous Huxley or George Orwell. It means you are ‘a sheeple’. If you can’t see through the fog of disinformation and propaganda, you have no idea of the concept of freedom.

For the avoidance of doubt, when I talk of ‘evil empires’ I refer to the ‘elites’ specifically in America and its allies. The ‘Deep States’ in such countries, that really control, in secret, such countries; which is not necessarily their governments, and certainly not the citizens of those countries. At the core of this evil, no other word can be used, is the Military/Security Industrial Complex that US President Eisenhower warned all Americans about back in 1960.

All decent ethical people around the world MUST now stand up to the Orwellian bureaucrats, politicians, many corrupt themselves, and main stream media, the so called journalists, really lackeys, who are controlled by ‘Deep State America and their counterparts amongst US Allies’.

People must take to the streets for Assange’s rights if necessary.

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The fate of Assange, if extradited to America, could one day be our fate.

Tomorrow it could be me …or you!

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